chums of hiboobs:
**** ROTATE ****

meanwhile, at your local gym

press play; no lotions allowed:

anyone know the original source?


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Friday Finds: Your MOM!


Before your mom was a pleasant stay-at-home wife who dutifully did the dishes every night before bed, she wore bondage outfits and got her baps out for others to fap to. Sadly, her name has been lost to time and I’m calling upon all of you to fill in the gaps. Who is she? (When Google’s reverse-image search returns zero results you know you’re on to something special!)


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Melons The Size of a Bushel of Melons


So we know that this porker wears a bracelet that says “Bacon” and she has an iPhone3GS. Other than that not much is known about this honey, other than the very obviously stated fact that she has TWO HUGE TITS! Juggs this size are kinda of other-worldly, but she’s out there, here, on this terra firma with those titties biggies. To date these are all three known photos of her. A thread at /r/homegrowntits points to the two below but indeed there are three. Now if only we knew more…



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Happy Halloboobsween and Beyond

While I’m still getting back on my feet and deciding where and how (and if) to move forward with everything swirling around, I hope everyone had a great Halloween last week and as usual I love seeing all the halloboobs shots that trickle in over time. Here are some of my favs. You’ll find some movies, some pornstars, and quite possibly your neighbor gone wild:

Swashbooblers seemed to be a big theme among the big boobed:

From the 2012 un-hit Strippers vs Werewolves – the one with the bewbs is Lucy Pinder.

And who wouldn’t want to Trick-and-Titfuck Claudia Marie‘s melon-sized slave-Leia melons, chain or no chain:

IT manager by day, Latex Kittie by night, and she really went popular recently for this stormboober outfit:

Did you see Nicki Minaj’s costume? Dyaaaaamn!!!

Always popular with the tittytastic ladies, Janessa Brazil also sported the slave-Leia costume complete with nipple chain.

Latex just seems to fit well with Halloween tits for some reason, and no one does it better than Canadian boober Bianca Beauchamp (and her tits!).

Meanwhile, seen on the streets:

And one final showing of tits, because. Just because. That’s Polish megaboober Ewa Sonnet acting out her skimpy version of Little Red Riding Hood – oh how I want to be the wolf in that scene!

HiBoobs temporarily offline, obviously

If it isn’t obvious by now I’ve been offline for a while. Apologies for my sudden departure, but a flood took my house and greater neighborhood by storm (pun intended) in late August and I clearly underestimated the damage up front and the time it would take to recover. Also all the legal hoopla involved is a mind-fuck, to say the least.

Maybe by mid-to-late October, hopefully by early November at the latest, I’ll be back online. Be patient. For now, browse the TITS OF YESTERYEAR!


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Speaking of Tits-Con, I mean Comic-Con: WHO?


This image is the thumbnail for the video you can see below, another interview of Comic-Con babes by mediocre films. But the question remains: WHO the FUCK is that? From my own hunt it looks like she was in the Castle Corsetry booth at Comic-Con, but that’s as far as I can muck. There’s got to be more of her out there – that tattoo sleeve is too distinct to miss. And those TITS, too distinct to not walk into a light pole while she passes me by on the street – those are two bangin’ boobs!


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An Interview with Tits: Clair Sinclair at Comic-Con

Whoever would have thought that Playboy’s Miss October 2010 and 2011’s Playmate of the Year Clair Sinclair – and her 36D natural bust – were such a comic nerd!? It’s a “mediocre” interview but those are anything-but-mediocre tits!


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