Welcome to HIBOOBS! Say hello to breast fetishism!

We thank you for swinging by, and hope that you will not only enjoy HIBOOBS, but realize it as one of the better – if not the best – big tit blogs out there (there’s little content right now, give us time!). we’re real breasts enthusiasts, and will strive to bring you serious content that all boob connoisseurs will recognize as legit. we’re sick of splogs, or spam blogs, and started this blog to express our own infatuation with womens’ breasts, the figure of women, and to promote content that we believe too many blogs leave in the dust – real fetishism should be all-inclusive!

We want a place where men and women alike can express their love of breasts: breasts on TV, emerging models, classic big boob scenes, retro models, new DVDs, so forth.

There is little available now. And we’re not entirely web-savvy, but we’re going to do our best to bring you the most enjoyable blog experience possible. So visit often, or better yet subscribe to our feed, and leave comments!