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shoot the boobs! not the photographer!


Here’s a real treat for ya. Someone spotted what looks like a photoshoot for an actual breast fetish photographer taking place and decided to snap off a couple of shots themselves! Part of the “Big Knockers” series currently viewable over at the VoyeurWeb, I can’t tell who the model might be, but she looks legit. So we’ll sort of consider this like a “Friday Find” also – if you know who she is, leave a comment! Slideshow after the jump!

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  • Bill

    I want them tits! Lets get full size shots!

  • Hmmm

    I don’t like the slideshows, it makes it so you can’t save the pics.

  • Bill
  • admin

    @Hmmm, with respect to some of my sponsors, that’s sort of the point. But I hear what you’re saying and might implement a .zip download function.

    @Bill, thanks! Even I didn’t know where to find these! Whoever that photographer is, he’s lucky to live near so many beach boobs!

  • Bill

    Nonono. Thank you. I sure hope we can find out who she is. I think some of my favorite models are women I have no idea who they are, and sadly never find out. :(

  • zodiac

    wow, just wow!

  • admin

    @Bill, yeah man, lots of lost ladies and faces without names in my book too.