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Crystal Storm, new name, new exposure

Contrary to my previous post where I highlighted how Felony liked to express herself audibly with frequent shouts of “fuck”, Crystal Storm, whose body would in all probability suggest to you she has an even smuttier mind when it comes to audible expressions in bed, is actually a tender and shy, even submissive… fuck! (There I go again!)

I’ve known about Crystal for years, over a decade easily. She’s typical in my mind of that era of silicone babes who never dabbled in hardcore because they made enough of a name for themselves in dancing or the occasional lesbian scene that while hetero at home, never needed to express their sexual preferences on film – for you, me, and eventually everyone else on the Internet to enjoy, as nearly every porn video of all time eventually gets digitized!

But Crystal’s most-recent performance – and an absolute first in my vast sphere of big-boob knowledge – isn’t from the good ol’ days of yesteryear. It’s not even from last year. It’s from just over a month ago! Monster Tits by Exquisite Pleasures was released at the end of last month, and features a stacked cast of characters including “F stands for Fuck because that’s what I like to do” Friday; Daphne Rosen; Trina Michaels; Sheila Marie (whom I’m really inclined to write about); and of course Crystal Storm, or as she’s apparently now going by, Crystal Ashley, performing hardcore!

That thing up in the top-left, that’s Crystal’s face. That thing next to her face, allllll tit!

No matter what her surname is, this 31+ minute scene features a stunning Crystal, past her prime but still verrrrry capable and willing to please, and she’s still so sweet and tender, so humble and not at all a gloater of her status as a legend among legends.

One of Crystal’s tits nearly fill the entire frame while she sucks cock mid-fuck.

But what really makes this scene special – and what really typifies the nature of silicone boobers – is that no matter what position Crystal is in, she always appears to have something for you to grab onto! This really caught my eye:

Have a looksee for yourself! Video:

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