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new hyper-fetish outfits worn by hyper-fetish model Susan Wayland

Every now and then I just need to look at an almost un-natural, enhanced, super-hyper-fetishized body. Almost doll-like in many ways. It’s something that reminds me about the mostly-natural women I encounter, reminds me that there are alternatives out there, and that boob and other fetishisms have many manifestations and likenesses. Susan Wayland is a wonderful fetish model to look at when I need to satisfy those urges: the rubbery, stretched, clean-cut and slick-looking idealized urges. She only has one body, but her outfits always manage to emphasize or accentuate one particular element or make me think about how I’d approach and treat a body as hard-chiseled and fit as hers. And yet she’s clearly got her slutty side, and I’d love, absolutely love, to get to experience what she’s capable of behind closed doors:

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the boobs and latex fetishism of Susan Wayland


Which came first, the latex or the fetishism?

Either way this internet of mine still manages to impress me, as I continually stumble upon new models, new expressions, new desires. I can say I’ve seen Susan Wayland on magazine covers or in other fetish sites but I honestly wasn’t deeply familiar with who he is as a model or her presence online. Thankfully that is no longer the case. She always did manage to impress, only now I know where she impresses! And she is impressive, with a unique pair of 30DDs – an absolute first around these parts! It’s also her look and her approach to modeling. Her body bends and contorts in a specific fashion, and while her eyes are obscured in this set, it is usually her gaze that captivates you, and her hair is always treated well also.

As you can see below Susan is a total package! At 5’7″ she packs a tight 30DD-26-35 form into a mere 121lbs. I think I know who I’m hunting for my next interview now!



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