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This looks like Titty Heaven

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Man it’s been too long since I’ve had two ladies to fuck-n-fondle in one session, and even longer since I’ve had two natural big boobers like Holly Brooks and Aurora Rose to plug in every which way! From filling their mouths with my throbbing cock to tingling their clit with the tip of my tongue, to the best of both of those worlds simultaneously – it’s moments like these that make the hunt so much fun! And while she’s no Anna Rose (not yet I should say), new boober Aurora Rose is definitely down for having some tittygrabbin’ good times, as indicated by these 10 or so frames:

Partnering with Holly Brooks and her 32-triple-D natural hangers for Big Naturals, they do a great job of tackling this dick with their tandem titties and oral antics, among other maneuvers. Definitely looking forward to seeing more of this redhead in the years a-head!

Holy Hot Holly Floppers Boobman!!

From the moment this MILF Hunted honey wakes up and spreads open her see-through nightgown you know this is going to be a flop-tastic scene! Her droopy boobies are droopy, with great flopping action. Great for dick-slapping, tittyfucking, or watching the metaphorical motion-to-the-ocean – rendered in BOOB. The kind of tits I love to uncover in my own hunts!

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Introducing Chelsea Co

Japanese glam-boober sensation and Playboy’s Cyber Girl of the Week at the end of April, 2008, Chelsea Co is quite easily the ‘smallest’ boober in our Introducing series, measuring up at a plentiful but slim 32DDD (did I mention she’s Japanese!?). The video below probably best highlights at points her plentiful bosom, when she’s ‘hands free’ and the curve of her breasts can be spied poking out from the jacket she has on, their wobble visibly apparent and giving nod to their true size and weight (god I love writing about tits!). You’ll also find her at places like Showgirlz Exclusive and other ‘glam’ modeling sites, alas, never topless sorry – yes, she’s one of ‘those’ types of models (thus I wasn’t surprised to find out her fanclub is hosted by the same company that represents Wendy Fiore and previously Denise Milani – go figure!).


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A Triple DDD Feature

A swing by Masuimi Max’s website I Am Trouble this morning before work revealed a website revamp reminiscent of a visit to a boob-‘sploitation theater of yore. Memories of Times Square anyone? In an era of Web2.0 websites, it’s somewhat difficult to determine what is exactly link-clickable, but it is a nice breather from model sites [ran by networks] that all look the same – Max’s site definitely stands out, and she’s very much personally involved in every facet of her promotion. So kudos to her.

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Denise Milani: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! (read blog for explanation)

By now I’m going to just assume that you’ve heard – note: heard – that Denise Milani is now a competitive body builder, bronze skin and all. Yup, that’s her. I know I know, my boner just cried too. Anyhow, I first read about it on SmoothieLuv who in turn read about it on Boobie Blog, but what I found quite apt was this comment by Julk: lots and lots of O’s in his NO! The kind that just dips behind the sidebar and keeps on going. Some people are quite upset, and rightfully so. It’s tough when you go through your fetish-life – as I have done also – and you put faith in a model, you fap to a model, and then she never even shows you her tits. Lesbian or not, what’s wrong with showing some full-boobage? People feel betrayed, like they were asked along for the ride and wound up buying all the gas.

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Does this mean Denise Milani is “back”?

A recent gallery upload over at PinupFiles, coinciding with several ‘official’ new website launches could indicate the return of the biggest big-tit tease the internet has ever known: Denise Milani and her over-stuffed 32-triple-D boobs. What’s nice about this initial re-launch set is that her nipples appear nice and perky through that relatively thick sweater – so either she’s really horny for me (best case scenario) or she’s just been longing to bust out her baps again (also fine scenario) that she couldn’t help but getting hard nips. Either way I’m happy – but there are ways to make me more happy: SHOW ME THE TITS!

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Lil Chica gets Stunt-Cocked-n-Scored

Already in a class all her own, now Lil Chica has officially been Stunt-Cocked-n-Scored – by Score Videos. These few photos are all I’m able to show at this time from this exclusive scene, and all I’ll say is it’s amazing what a little glamour make-up will do to this Dominican slut. I mean she really transformed herself for this one. Of course her 32-triple-D tits are still the same, thankfully! And she’s a totally different fucker in this scene for Score, groping herself and you should really hear her groans and moans, something I can’t say I’m too familiar with in her previous work. Something that makes me crave more from this Caribbean boober. WOW:

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