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Bridgette B’s Many Oh-My Faces

Always aiming to please Bridgette B was recently plugged by Brazzers and I was surprised by her extremely animated facial expressions. Of course, she’s sort of performing for the still camera, in between her sucking and fucking for film. But it did make me think of the ladies I’ve banged and some of the more-unique expressions that are out there, waiting to be scoped when their pussy or butt in Bridgette’s case is full of cock.

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Grace is 18 and Busty and Fuckable as Fuck!

I gotta admit I like my women my age, even slightly older. I’ve found that translates into “experience”. But there’s something to be said for giving a young, 18 & Busty, really young and really busty – damn she’s busty! – babe, said experience. There’s also something to be said for some of the best group sex I’ve had has been with multiple, younger, honeys. Maybe there’s something there, that I’ve never thought of before until writing it. Alas, it’s not as if I would ever pass up a fuckable as fuck babe like Grace here – tits that really fill out her tight white top, but it’s when they’re loose that they’re really free, and I’d be in awe of them flipping flopping swaying around, slapping me in my face, and the sounds they make. Bring it!

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What I wouldn’t give to “workout” with Danielle Riley

She can lift weights, while I strengthen my wrists lifting those monumental 34-triple-D naturals – for hours and hours of passionate workout. I call it the P34DDDX :) I can’t believe it’s been nearly 4 years since I’ve even mentioned Danielle around these parts. Her truly natural tits and auburn hair make her a stand-out for sure, not to mention her boob-to-waist ratio, skinny body topped with some truly massive tits make her – I’m salivating just thinking about those boobs in my mouth – a living legend.

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Introducing Zivinity Solaire

With a name like Zivinity Solaire I expect two things: exotic-ness, and sex. I expect lots and lots of sex! While I can’t confirm the latter of my expectations, I have my suspicions – let’s just say this lady oooooozes lust. It’s in her gaze, her thick lips, her Italian mixed-mutt heritage, and her visibly pendulous and very squeezable 34DDD natural breasts – as she says so herself, “YES my BREASTS are REAL :) ” So there you have it!

Zivinity is easily one of my most-favorite finds of late, and one of my top favorites in this recent “Introducing” series. Given the scope of her work, the diversity of her portfolio, it’s her artistic sensibilities that turn me on as much as her sexy figure, the type of lady I genuinely wish to meet, to wine and dine, to hear her stories – she could whisper in my ear and in all likelihood I would pass out and fall backwards! loL!


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Brooke Banner: proportions like none other

I can’t say I’ve ever had the pleasure of a body like Brooke Banners. Do the math: she’s 5’8″ and only weighs 121 lbs (55kg for my Euro boob-fetishists). And with 34-triple-Ds, you can imagine she’s thin as a twig and stacked for fucking. Being that thin and lanky too means her twat is surely as tight as they come, even though she’s appeared in many many hundred scenes – she shows off her flexy maneuvers, oral talents and ride-em skills like never before in this wonderful scene for Hustler’s Busty Beauties. She is exactly that, a beauty and busty beyond belief. I’ve been with many-a-body, but probably none like hers. I am officially on the hunt!

Ode to Jasmine Joi: oh how I miss you (@JasmineJoi)

Your cups, your bra, they are so big, at thirty-four triple-D
Oh how I miss them so. And your smile, your seductive grin.

Your website is still online, but will not let me in.
I understand, these things are “only business”, but I hope you will return.

You are the Jazziest and always will be – oh how I miss your spreads.
I wish you the best, please keep me abreast, of your boobie road ahead.

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oh Bobbi how I want to play with your Billard Boobs

Has it really been that long? 2003? I mean I know Bobbi is still active out there, somewhere, probably dancing or doing private work. But it seems like back in the day she was one of the few boobers who was continuously active at all the-then popular studios. These photos were recently un-earth and released over at Club 24 Main Street – who as of late cater to more of the Asian-babe variety. But it did make me nostalgic for tits of yore, and how I used to lust over Bobbi. Honestly for the longest time I thought her surname was “Billiard” and I always wanted to turn playing with her tits into a game of sorts – I had conjured up dreams that she named herself after the table game because she first had sex there, or something like that. Just goes to show how the eye and brain are both perverted!