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Where are they now? CJ from Score.

Approaching 9 years since she burst onto the scene at Scoreland and just-as-quickly disappeared, you gotta wonder where is CJ and her 34E natural British bosom these days. It’s like all one can do is shrug their shoulders and go, “Yup, another one-hit wonder.” I guess more like 3 hits – Scoreland definitely made the most of her trip across the pond, and spread it out over a half-year as it was, alas, that is all there was in the end. Back to Britain she went, probably pouring pints down the pub when she’s clearly built for so much more:

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hot and bothered for @TheRealHavana and her 34Es!

Don’t get me wrong, Havana Ginger was always a sultry, slutty, sexy woman! But with her 34Es these days, I can’t help but get rock-hard as soon as I set eyes upon her. Could be having a catalogue of her performances in my head, knowing how those knockers of hers flop around and love to get groped – or it could be imagining her luscious lips wrapped around my cock, her starry gaze looking up at me, my penis tickling her tonsils – yup, that did it! Thanks Glamour Models Gone Bad for the inspiration – loL!!

top of the morning with Katerina Hartlova

Some more Spanish-speaking website boob-fetish to start off your week here at HiBoobs! This time it’s the Czech sin-sation Katerina Hartlova and her truly unique 34E natural breasts as stunningly captured by Putalocura. Damnit what I wouldn’t give to wake up in a sun-lit room with her big bosom and just-as-big smile (and I assume BIG sexual appetite too – truth be told if I wake up with a lady in bed with me I can’t have breakfast until we’ve had sex… most women don’t complain ;)

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Chavon Taylor tugg-tastic scene of yore finally gets released

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Added to their archives at the end of last month, you’ll see in the opening credits this Tits and Tugs masterpiece featuring the sexually un-extinguishable Chavon Taylor – where she tugs and tugs and eventually uses her 34E monster Latina titties to make this dick explode! This makes me think about all the wonderful scenes they still have in the depths of their archives, and how for years to come I’ll still be drooling over these big titty scene releases, while chasing the big ones myself (but girls like Chavon give me inspiration – I’ll find her out there somewhere!).

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Definitely not the biggest titties in the biz, but 34E is very very respectable. But more important than size is the play-along factor. And in this recent scene from Titty Attack, Jessi Summers gets continuously plugged, poked, prodded, groped, slapped, humiliated and choked – this guy, this guy is a fucking machine! Click the link below to watch then trailer then stop on over at Titty Attack to see more Man vs Titties tit-tastic scenes!

click to watch trailer

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a couple Anna Semenovich pop-suck-le commercials

Honestly I couldn’t tell you what that thing on the stick is. I’m too occupied with Anna’s monumental 34E cleavage. I mean, if I was one of these actors I would have intentionally messed up take after take after take just to get to stare at those boobs!

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got a thing for pancake tits

Now I rarely like to blog the same production company in the same week because I think it’s bad blogging practice, but this scene from Big Tits Round Asses featuring Latin boober Savana Ginger is not only one of her best yet, but falls in line with today’s loose theme of pancake tits, or areola specifically. Her 34E breasts are about 50% areola, 50% boob. The sort of proportions that when you see Ginger for the first time your eyes immediately migrate to her oversized pancake areola. Me, personally, I have a fetish for them. I remember the first time I saw a pair of pancake areola. Man I was young, I was hanging out with a crew of friends, and this girl in the pack was bragging about her DD breasts. Specifically, she was bragging about the size of her areola. Someone else asked her just how wide they were. She disappeared into a nearby bathroom and measured up: 4″ areola! We were in a public space so the discussion ended there. But later that week I found myself at her house and while her mom was busy making us nosh I reminded her of that moment, and asked if I could see! She didn’t take much convincing, she was eager to show! She whipped out her bountiful bosom and sure enough, her breasts were about 50% areola! I sucked on those titties for a good 20 minutes, she especially loved me trying to get all that areola in my mouth! loL those were the days!