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another tuggtastic scene: Cindy Cupps

In what will likely amount to the last performance by Cindy Cupps for the Scoreland empire, because she’s calling it quits as an “internet model” (who has appeared in print and video also), she gives a remarkable performance for Tits-and-Tugs in part thanks to her super-enhanced 36EE titties. This scene starts off slow, I’ll admit, and even once Cindy finally pulls this guy’s undies off she clearly wants this dick in her mouth first and foremost. But they won’t let her, so she just teases us with that notion, until eventually she finally plants this cock between her baps and from there-on out it’s all boob-action! Those tits might be fake but I’m a sucker for pancake areola – and furthermore Cindy has a face that is very similar to a fuck-friend of mine, similar to such a degree that I think I can see my friend aging vicariously through Cindy, but thankfully my friend has a pair of natural Gs… still, I’d plug a hot MILF like Cindy in a heartbeat – ONE heartbeat! BAM!

while cleaning out my hard drive (full of BOOBS)

Running a big boobs blog can be a lot of work, as any reputable breast-inclined webmaster will tell you.

Mostly it’s good, clean fun (like the tagline I gave that new Hitomi Tanaka DVD I’m waiting to arrive in the mail!). But it’s at times a lot of file management, information bookkeeping, logistics, style code – fuck things I don’t even really know how to control! Things I’d rather not know how to control! But you can’t upload let alone create all of this content without having some technical prowess. Even so, sometimes things get lost in the ether. I have not one or two but several hard drives I admit. Even though I try – try try TRY – to put everything I want to eventually post on this blog into ONE FOLDER (located inside another folder inside another folder, and we all know the Desktop itself isn’t really a folder…shit), sometimes things slip through the virtual cracks.

Thus I was digging through and found this video that I clearly edited down and meant to post six months back, to accomodate my first and so far only post about First Time Videos, a site of mostly smaller-boobed glamour-styled girls which occasionally features a well-stacked babe, or as my original post put it your girl-next-door by the name of Candace. God she is gorgeous – still stirs me up! I think FTV heard my cries from my original post to know what her bra size was too, because since her debut they’ve updated her bio page and list her as a stunning 36EE (confirming my original guess of F-cup, as EE is just another way of saying F-yes!). They’ve produced plenty more content with her too, nearing 5 Gigs of her big smile and big soft breasts.

So the lovely Candace makes a second appearance with the same exhibition as her debut here, only this time with video:

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great mounds of flesh and joy!

never seen anything like this!


so sooooooft


you have to see these tits wobble as she crawls on her hands and knees!

nice plump bottom too!

great infinity shot of Tits and Ass!


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top of the morning to ya

New girl Candace over at First Time Videos actually contacted FTV herself to begin exposing her natural assets for film and camera alike shortly after turning 18. This girl possesses that total girl-next-door demeanor and appearance, while clearly being a bit of an exhibitionist and vixen at heart. Her stats aren’t readily available yet but she’s easily a DD, possibly F-cup! And while the breasts are nice, I wouldn’t mind waking up to an ear-to-ear smile like that!

ftv girls banner


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