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Roxanne Miller shakin’ dem titties!!

Inverted nipple or not, newish big boober and big girl Roxanne Miller is a wonder to watch. Especially when she shakes dem titties!! (see below!!) Hailing from Romania where she is studying PR & Communications, Roxanne is sort of like the chunkier version of her Czech big whopper sister Terry Nova. She stands only 5’3″ tall and measures up an incredible 45-30-41! That’s right the measurement around her TITS is 4″ greater than the measurement around her hips! Man that puts some of the BBWs I’ve fucked into perspective – you kind of always expect more junk in the trunk on a frame like hers, but she’s set a new standard in my book:

watch her shake dem titties

Legendary 36GG side boob

As Chloe Vevrier launches her February line-up – thank GOD February is an extra day this year, because she’ll be bringing us an Eroticon post on the 29th! – I’m reminded that she truly is one of the few legends that gets better over time. The clip below from a convention shows her signing fan cards, with an arm’s length of cleavage. Then there’s a brief moment at the end when she gets her baps out and the size of her tits are simply astounding. For a brief moment her 36GG naturals are shot from the side, and I mean it’s unbelievable. She is unbelievable. She is a living goddess!

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Chloe’s Worldly tits, still pleasing after all these years

It says something that after all these years whenever they unearth some images from the vault that is Chloe’s World, she still manages to impress – wait, is that a bit of pussy peeking through in the shot above? Yup, classy lady from then til now! Of course her figured has filled out these days, and her bust seems to have followed suit, but it’s interesting to see her trajectory over the years – it’s like she was always destined to be a sort of lone ranger of boobs, in part because her figure and overall demeanor is simply unique, unrivaled and unmatched by the rest in the biz:

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Chloe vs Arianna? an old debate made anew, which boober would you choose?

The Score Empire recently uploaded some pictures on the same day, selecting some images from their stash of Chloe Vevrier and releasing some new shots of their new signature model Busty Arianna. For me it raised an old argument of selection – given their simultaneous release, there I was looking at their images side by side on my widescreen HD monitor. I can’t quite replicate the results in blog format, but you can have a look at the images for yourself and come to your own conclusion.

Analysis: Chloe V is a goddess! There’s no denying that. She was a ‘classic’ boober over a decade ago, and she’s still going strong – and I absolutely love seeing old archival content (photos and especially old video!). Her tits then were big, and I think they’ve only gotten bigger – she’s now a whopping 36GG! That’s one G for each tit because they’re so big! Only kidding, but you get my drift. And she’s maintained a thin frame and constant sex appeal, even having only done little in the way of hardcore.

Now Busty Arianna on the other hand is new, so there’s always a degree of skepticism with ‘will she still be here in 2, 5, 10 years?’ No one really knows, not even her. And she’s a bit more plumped up, which I personally like, and within a year of her debut quickly delved into the hardcore arena, which at the time solidified her presence among fans – “Okay, she’s here to stay!” we collectively sighed. Her plumpness combined with her 34G tits are a sight to behold – they’re visibly heavy, like flesh-weights.

Arianna of course has a figure that I am personally more accustomed to, or rather more familiar with in the wild! That’s just a role of the dice observation though, it’s not to say it’s what I prefer. But I go back and forth between a thinner-framed boober like Chloe that I would bend and creak until she broke, and a weighted boober like Arianna that I love on top, crushing my pelvis. I go both ways. Arianna has an immediately timeless presence, even though she’s working today, which is nice – it means her approach to modeling has longevity. Chloe already has that longevity – she’s been doing this for decades! Whether it comes down to the hardcore question or not even I fail to answer. I mean Chloe’s one scene from, what year was that anyhow?, still produces throbbing dicks around the world. But Arianna’s only worked in an era of high-def content, which lends to her advantage. Seriously tough decisions – why they gotta make life so difficult to answer!?!


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waking up with Chloe’s tits of yore

Not that I wouldn’t rather wake up with Chloe’s today-tits – they have after all gotten bigger, fuller. But there’s something about these top-of-the-morning shots from probably around a decade ago that simply scream “Hawtness!” Yup, eventually the legendary Chloe fingers her pretty hairy pussy – like myself she’s most horny in the morning! I’d love to jump in and assist, rub one out for her – alas I’m doomed to watch, and reminisce of this Chloe from last century – thankfully that’s what Archives are for, and thankfully that’s why Chloe’s World exists:

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just when you thought you’ve seen it all (TITS!)

Chloe Vevrier has been around since as long as I can remember, since the Dawn of Boobs. Yet decades on now she still manages to impress me with some almost-unbelievable shots of her 36-double-G naturals just hangin’ and a swayin’. And you see a shot of her own hand cupping her bosom from the side and you can see just how outstretched her fingers are and how little her own hands cover her giant boobs. Natural wonders of the world Chloe’s boobs are:

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Damn you Ron!

What a lucky sod! I repeat, even when you’re something of a pot-bellied hairy porker, you’ll still see plenty of action if you were once a pornstar, especially a pornstar with a footlong dick who plugged over a thousand women on film! I mean I have my fun but damnit here he is getting to fondle-n-grope the double-G natural boober Chloe Vevrier, even getting off a little nipple suckle action. Frankly I know I’m better at this art than he is, but he’s the lucky bastard of the moment.

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