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Alice BH’s 38H whoppers

Randomly scoured big titty whoppers, Alice is German and wears an 85JJ bra which roughly translates to 38H – definitely a very specific body type when you start getting into that H-range, man these tits look heavy:

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How to Play with Boobs

I’ve been investigating How to Play with Boobs (aka how to Toy with Tits) for many years now. I’m of a certain age where I can say it’s been a dominant part of my life! Decades++! I’ve grabbed a lot of bosoms, felt up a lot of chests, and cupped many boobs with my two fives. It’s one of my specialties – word travels fast in some circles! There’s an art to it however, and I started young. I’ve found many techniques I like, some which even the women I’m with say they’ve never had that much fun before – the other fellas out there are letting me down, but also creating opportunity for me! While some are greater than others, this is a very good approach, a preferred method of my own, that this boobs journalist conducts on Jade Parker and her 38H naturals while interrogating her about said naturals. It is, I’d say, a respectable method, and you get the most of the breasts while enjoying some unique top-down perspectives – which don’t translate to this face-on camera angle, so you’ll just have to experiment for yourself!

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Toni K’s big tits peeping gif

Retro Raw recently uploaded the legendary West German (remember those times?) big busen classic Big Tits Peeping Tom – the premise is wonderfully simple, which is simply a dude who goes around town with a 20 foot (8 meter?) ladder and peeps in to windows where ladies with big tits are seducing young dicks. It’s actually a really slow and almost boring pace, but Toni Francis aka Titanic Toni makes up for it with some wonderful bugs-eye view cocksucking and that other busen-babe who takes two cumshots in the mouth and then unloads the goo on her monster natural bosom – she doesn’t even need to “spit” because there’s just so much of it! (Don’t believe me? Check out that specific trailer – scene 4 – right here!)

Anyhow thanks Retro Raw for taking me back! I’m pretty sure I remember watching this movie – in standard def! – way back when on VHS, hell maybe even Betamax!

Titanic Toni – retro chesty milf

Imagine the year is 1986, and you eye-spy some ginormously endowed breasted woman in the spread of some German busen-zine. Then a couple months later she’s done hardcore and your balls nearly burst from excitement (at the porno store that is). Well I don’t have to imagine – I was there, man! And now it’s 2011 and I can downloads giga- and terabytes of big titty porn – like that of Toni Francis here, and her 38H (so big NOW, imagine back then!) whoppers which are now part of the Chesty Moms archives – on a whim. My balls are still bursting you know! loL!

say HiBoobs with Jade 38H

Now I hope this interview translates to a real pleasure for you folks, because it was an absolute pleasure for me to interview Jade Parker also known as Jade38H – from the picture above you should be able to guess why she’s called that! And if you can’t guess you can read on because we talked about almost every body part, titfucking, her big round rump, and her almost-prolific amateur portfolio, her active net-girl status, and her adoration of you (and me!) that is her fans. I don’t really need to ramble on much here, because the interview really says all I need it to say. So read on, and while you’re at it open a new tab to Jade’s website and see what she’s naughtily all about!

Hi Jade,

Thanks for taking the time to conduct this interview.
Let’s start off with the titty nitty gritty: you go by the nomenclature Jade38H, which one assumes implies you have a 38H bosom. Do you really?

yes i do :) my cup size is a H although i do go up and down between 38h and 40h depending on the bra style

You’re clearly a naturally stacked woman, but when did you breasts start growing? And have they stopped!?

I first noticed in the 3rd grade…started to get embarrassed to change in the girls locker room in middle school…and i don’t think they have really stopped growing, even my H cup bras are getting a little snug!

Have you always been a “voluptuous curvy” girl, or did you grow into your frame?

I was much thinner in high school but i was always super curvy, just a little more in shape i would say.  I went through a chubby faze around 5th grade but once in middle school and high school i really thinned out but kept my curves always with a nice ass and big tits…i was ranging from a D-DD cup in high school….in college i started to really grow because i gained weight, so i went up too an F cup.  Within the last two year i gained another two cups…going from an F cup to a G cup…and now an H cup :)

WOW! 2 cups in as many years. Do you still have your old F-cup bras or have you found a special tailor to tend to your growing needs?

Oh yes, i still have most all my new bras, i like trying them on once in a while…for updates on my site i sometimes try on my outgrown bras, my members seem to love it! hehe!
As far as getting bras nowadays, i do have to often have to special order them because stores don’t carry my size on their shelves

Now I just realized that 2 years is as long as you’ve been a net-girl, but as you point out you’ve had your curves for some time now. Was becoming a net-girl something you always thought about? Or was your increasing bust size somehow an encouraging factor in that decision?

LOL well having huge boobies is always a help! :)  I haven’t always thought about being a webgirl, but i have always been a very flirty girl, and once me and my fiance got into swinging the offers were coming in to start my own website, and i am glad i did!

Speaking of your net-girl status, would you mind listing all the sites you currently exhibit with, or post at like Twitter (I ask because you seem to be a pretty diverse net-girl, with lots of activities going on):

I post in many forums frequently such as:

You can also find me at:

My Blog:
My Rude Page:
My Clips4Sale page:
My Cam Site:

So yes, i am a VERY busy girl on the web, and i love every second of it!

Many wonderful links! Including some even I didn’t know about, so thank you! Which sort of brings me to my next set of questions.

You’ve recently done a shoot for Score’s XL Girls. Some think Score is like the pop-music version of boob fetishism (I disagree, but asking as devil’s advocate here), and you’ve done a great job defining yourself to date as “Real Amateur”. You’ve also described yourself as “up and coming”. So my question is, do you see yourself branching out to a more mainstream audience, or given the range of links you provided do you see yourself continuing your presence in the Amateur circuit? (Which by the way I don’t use the word “amateur” to imply “less professional”, because everything I’ve seen from you and Dreamnet has been top notch!)

Here is links for the work i have done with Score:
XL Girls pictures
Feed Her Fuck Her movies
Score2Go movie
XL Girls pictures

Yet another place to find me:

To answer you question i think i would love to keep doing both

As far as my amateur focus, the part i love the most about it is all my homemade porn…quality good or bad most of my material is taken in my home, with my friends or at their homes…there are not professionals around just me or us having a good time. My fiance often stars in a lot of my work from my site, and we LOVE making the material for my members and fans to enjoy
I also love professional work as well, it is super fun to get all glammed up, me naughty on a real set, with professional lighting, camera man, camcorder man, the male talent…all in all a great time!
I see myself continuing to do both, i will ALWAYS keep my website super current (with update 2 times a week) And accept jobs offered to me here and there. I am just going to keep having fun with it both from an amateur level and from a professional level!

On that same vein of thought, your own site features plenty of hardcore and girl/girl action. Do you see yourself performing for any other companies, is there anyone out there you’d like to perform with, or do you like maintaining that degree of control with your web presence? If yes, why?

I absolutely love to maintain the degree of control i have over my web presence, i don’t want to be able to be seen everywhere on the web. Just enough in certain places, i want the one constant place to find the freshest material of me from my website, but i do love working for the Score Group so that is another place you will see me. But i won’t just work with any company, i do my research and see if it is the best move for me to make. I am also a very busy girl, back in college earning another degree, so my time is sparse. I have done hardcore work for The Score Group and Melon Jugglers…and that is all. Maybe more in the near futrue, who knows, but you can always find all my naughiest boy/girl, girl/girl and group play on my site…along with lot of other fun stuff!

It sounds like you are on top of your game, which I really respect! Now let’s talk features! Body features!

Personally, I’m a sucker for a smile, and you have a great one! Given your great smile and your giant juggs, which of your features do people in passing comment on the most? Perhaps neither, perhaps your eyes?

Why thank you! I do get a LOT of comments on my smile…and i am often smiling :) hehe! Yes of course my big boobies get a lot of attention, but surprising so does my ass…i get comments on how round it is. My eyes also get plenty of comments, hehe, i can portray a lot of looks through my peepers! lol

The other thing I’m not an outright sucker for but am damn attracted to is red hair. Is red your natural color, is it simply highlighted?

My natural hair color is dark brown, so the red is not real, but i think it suits me very well :)

I know you consider youself a pretty big tease. When did you notice that your features, your body and your attitude allowed you to flirt and get away with it, or to “follow through with all my fantasies” as you once put it?

LOL, well i was voted “Class Flirt” of my my high school senior class! So i guess i always knew! When i met my fiance Dan, we talked about having a open relationship right off the bat (something i have never talked about with any other boyfriend) and his lack of jealousy and openess to let me be me really allowed me to expand my slutty behaviors! LOL :)

That’s great. And I’m glad you said slutty before me, because I was just about to! LOL!

On that note, do you still find yourself experiencing new pleasures? In other words, do you still try new things or do you know what you like and stick with your plan?

I always love to try new things and i am very open to ideas and suggestions from my fans on what they would like to see more do :) Variety is the spice of life!

And some boob talk. When was your first tittyfuck? And do you enjoy a good titfuck, or do you think it’s just a guy thing?

Hmmm, i don’t even think i remember my first real tittyfuck, but i am sure it was in high school. And i do enjoy a good tittyfuck, i mean it doesn’t do much for the girl, but i love the slippery feeling of the cock in my cleavage, and i LOVE the look on the guys face! I love to know i am really pleasing him :)

Just a couple more questions if you don’t mind Jade!

Not at all! :)

So you work quite hard promoting yourself on social media sites and forums, as well as in person at meet-ups and networking events. Personally I’m a fan of your blog because you sometimes talk about things there that aren’t always sex-n-boobs (I like to get an idea of who I’m fetishizing). Then of course there’s the sex, the oil rub-downs and your extensive dildo collection for all to see. But what do you enjoy most about being an adult star and putting yourself out there? Is it the attention, the outfits, the cock?

I love the fact that i can truly be myself…naughty self online for others to see.  Being an exhibitionist, i truly love showing off my slutty side to the world! hehe! The attention is always great too, i will not lie!

And what do your fans mean to you?

Without them i would be no where. I absolutely love my fans and interact with them as much as possible! I have formed some very close relationships with a number of fans, and i talk to them on a daily basis, ask their advice and love hearing their comments and suggestions! I LOVE getting email from fans, so please don’t be shy!

Some quick comparative questions:

Doggy or Cowgirl?


Beer, Whisky or Wine?

Hard choice, i love beer but i would have to pick Wine

Mac or PC?

PC, but i have been recently thinking of switching over to a Mac

Whips or Chains?

Both! Being a submissive at heart, i think i would enjoy them both lol!

Talking during sex, yes or no?

Yes, i moan, groan and talk dirty…very vocal

Rainy days, good or bad?

We can all use a rainy day here and there :)

And lastly your favorite girl/guy combo? 1 on 1? 2 on 1? 2 of each? How many?!

One on one is great, good way to really get into eachother, but i think i love two guys having me at once the most…so i would pick MMF :)


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it’s like you can hear them go PLOP!


Sometimes all you really need is one image! And this one image of Ginger AKA Ana at SiliconeFree is all I need to see, because I can almost hear this image! It’s like I’m sitting on the bed edge, and she slowly struts towards me in her crotchless nylons. I’m looking her body up and down when during my next up-pass she simultaneously lifts her giant 38H bosom up into the troposphere! Eek! So much weight, so much tit-meat! Then suddenly, she lets go. I see everything in slow-motion, the descent of her big boobs and perky nipples when suddenly with the force of 9.81 m/s2 a booming PLOP smacks against her stomach region, the shockwave blasting me back onto the bed.

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Ms Vinyl Meow website/s update


During my un-announced hiatus that began around this time some two months back (did you see my new ‘archives‘ area? there’s a bit of a gap from the end of June to early July), the incredibly stacked and incredibly proud-of-her-stack Ms Vinyl Meow finally secured her own domain, although ever since it’s simply been “under construction”. Now maybe some others of you out there knew about her other websites, but I just stumbled upon her other domains, and Amy Villainous. The latter is her personal makeup artist promo site, the former her forthcoming or already running but not so consistently updated shop and video blog. Neither of these should be confused with her VillainousGirl website.

Being the blogger and web-enthusiast that I am, I want to break some of this down and comment on it. There’s a lot one can do with the web: redirects, sub-domains, multiple databases running on one server, etc. I don’t expect Amy, Ms Vinyl Meow, to be incredibly adept with web technologies. I really don’t. She’s far too good of a model and a really skilled aesthetician/cosmetologist. But I am a little confused. Okay, the Amy Villainous website is a free thing hosted at wix, which is a free flash-based website builder. That makes sense that she would spend some time to make a nice-looking flash website to forward to her clients. My problem with that is flash is terrible for navigating (or indexing, for search) when an entire website is built with it – case in point navigate to page 3 of glamour then try to get back to view her Bio in one click; meanwhile, you’re constantly pressing the pause button on the music player that auto-plays with every page load. Then there’s the site, which has a couple video blogs (one below) posted to it, which is nice. It’s nice to hear her speak and see her move, even if it hasn’t been updated since America’s birthday. This website also suggests it will have some sort of “shop” but there’s nothing yet available. And like I say all of this is not to be confused with her other domain, which will – her fans suspect – host her for-sale content including picture sets, calendars, etc., sometime in the near future, hopefully.

But I guess I’m confused because, given my recent evaluation that Sophie Dee does social media good, I wish I could say the same for Ms Vinyl Meow but I just can’t. Not yet anyhow. Too many empty links or construction splash pages simply drive my clicks elsewhere. I guess I’m extra critical of Amy because I really want her to succeed! I really admire her work, and I’d love to see more of her bosom doing substantial work. And I would suspect Amy is paying for the web-work, which makes me think I should really get into the trade of building blogs and social media for emerging buxom models. This is what actually led me to establish my own blog: I was building a website for a single model, when the contract fell through, then I thought, “ahh fuck it, I’ll start my own blog!” I feel like I’ve done the medium justice, and I’d like to get more involved with actual clients.

So yeah, I guess I’m putting it out there. Ms Vinyl Meow, or any other model for that matter, if you’re interested and want to work together, drop me a line. My rates are negotiable and I have a serious understanding and commitment to blogging and social media. And I can show you how to become more popular, and increase your fan base. It takes time, but it works.

Meanwhile, enjoy the boobs:


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