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boob spillage at its best


As if having a pair of 38-triple-J (38JJJ!!!) natural ebony tits wasn’t enough to produce a foot-long of cleavage, then Domincan stunner Vanessa Del really goes and puts on the hurt by wearing this too-small bra that spills her big juggs out the side! An unbelievable sight to behold! It doesn’t last for long though as she quickly removes her skimpy top and toys with her own tits – and pussy!


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Vanessa Del has Gone Arab (and Hooking)


Some of Latin America’s biggest breasts have recently converted to Arab and started hooking for Arab Street Hookers! Vanessa Del and all her signature attributes – belly, bum, gape tooth, oh-face, gasping for air and 38-triple-J tits – recently made an appearance for the site that specializes in Middle Eastern bred porn sluts. Specializes doesn’t mean exclusively features, as I already mentioned we all know Del and her ginormous bosom to be of Central American descent. Still, she plays the role of a belly dancer and Arab hooker pretty well – and she doesn’t speak much either, other than the language of “ohhhh, ohhhhhhhh”! One of her better hardcore scenes, and she’s doing a lot of pussy smacking these days, almost like she found a new spot under her clitoral hood – smack smack smack!


eye spy 38JJJ boobs on the streets


Ahhh to see big breasts on the streets, I am thankful that summer is still here! I don’t know about you, but where I live I do occasionally see the heavy chests on the streets, and let’s just say even in the office environments around here women are liberal with the amount of clothes they’re bothered to wear (especially on the hot days – sheesh!). I can attest to seeing bountiful breasts in the Vanessa Del caliber on a recurring basis. Whether they were bona-fide 38JJJs or probably more-likely in the 40H or 44GG department, they’re impressive whoppers nonetheless, and even a glimpse of them in passing helps while away the remaining hours of the day.




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a quick study of Vanessa Del

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is it just me or do her baps actually look larger when they’re all oiled up like that? as if 38JJJ wasn’t big enough. sheesh!

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