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the 40LL Holy Hangers of Anorei

Anorei Collins is an incredible creature isn’t she? What I really love about her work is she does the role-playing thing like so few others, whether she’s assuming the role of Santa’s big boob helper, tit-bottle opener, or in this case a nun of the Church of the Holy Hangers. Granted, she assumes these roles with an almost exaggerated presence, thanks to her ginormous 40LL natural breasts, but she sees her role through to the end. In this recent photo set and video for Big Tits Glamour, at first it’s unclear what to expect. The nature of a nun’s outfit, and it’s black fabric, hide the overwhelming size of her bosom. But a passage in the good book convinces this mammary savior to drop her top and let her pendulous hangers breathe! At that point the white of her skin, and the size of her breasts, contrasts nicely with her outfit and her surroundings. She shows how to hide even a sizable cross in her cleavage, and again thanks to her outfit her breasts appear to take shape and perform movements never before seen!

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Anorei Collins says HiBoobs!

Naturally-stacked 40LL Anorei Collins recently sent me a message, and it said, Hi Boobs! Man she’s an absolute stunner, and what a unique fansign. It’s as if she can’t even fit her fabulously huge breasts in the picture frame taken from her webcam because her boobs are simply that big! And I love the one button being stretched to the limit while her cleavage peeks through the v-split in her top, and a good 8 inches of cleavage seems never-ending! Smashing! Additionally, she has some exciting projects in the works which I’ll report on as soon as they’re solid – so stay tuned for more big natural tits news!

the ginormous 40LL stocking stuffers of Anorei Collins


While I’ll mumble to myself over the course of the next few days about the saturation of santa-themed boob content, it seems that BigTitsGlamour always get the better of me – last year I made the same mumble-comment yet I highlighted Foxy Mary and her 32G stuffers. This time it’s Anorei Collins, and 32G is soooo last year’s preset! These tits are 40LL! Look at how paltry and minuscule those sticky gift ribbons look planted on her ginormous knockers! What a sensation she is! Now why not reward yourself with a BigTitsGlamour membership? Tell Anorei I sent you (she does webcams and chats over there too!).


new video of Anorei’s 40LL tits


Still pondering the emergence of Anorei as a webcam boober turned semi-pro model for BigTitsGlamour, only to be further stunned by her not only leaving a comment on these here pages but admitting that she is in fact a frequent reader and fond the pervy world I’ve written for myself, now she’s gone ahead and released some video footage with the aforementioned awesome BTG! I’m still a fan of webcams and always will be, not for the resolution which they clearly lack but for the impact and immediacy of their format, but I certainly will not complain seeing Anorei move about in all her BBW glory in 1430×1080 HD video!

And depending on the scale of your imagination, and viewing monitor, the frame size helps you imagine yourself immersed in a world where you really think you’re watching her disrobe, blow kisses in your general direction, and watching her stimulate and excite herself by showing you how she personally rubs and pinches her own nipples!

What I wouldn’t give for an evening with this lady! And I very well could need the entire evening to polish her off, there’s simply so much of her to spend time with!

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People, dreams do come true. 40LL tits are REAL!


lcup boober

Do you remember the “monster curves” unknown webcam boober (pictured just above) I posted about this time a month ago? It was September 2nd to be precise. She garnered a huge response and it seems the shockwaves just went round and round, because now that same boober is a huge star over at the BigTitsGlamour site! Yes, she’s real and she’s here! If you still don’t remember my original post, click here. Well, her name is Anorei Collins – great name too! – and she has an amazing pair of 40LL – yes, double-L, a first here! – boobs. Or juggs. Or whoppers. Or a word that is possibly not even coined yet to describe these massive mammaries. I mean these things are monstrous! And just like I claimed in my original post, my judgement resting on viewing a low-res video, she is confirmed to be so cute too! With her pigtails and her glasses and her plump cheeks (among other plumpy bits). The shockwaves she originally sent throughout the boobiesphere are bound to have tremors following. For now BigTitsGlamour have her exclusively, but her leap from webcams to serious studio photography shows she has ambitions and will be around for a while. Now if only I can get an interview with her like I did with their G-cup star Foxy Mary!

The wine bottle unfortunately is not yet used to any dildoing effect, but it does go to show as it is wedged between her breasts just how long her cleavage is and how big her bountiful boobs must really be!

check out these monster curves!!


This is a total freebie from me to you, but also a request of sorts. If you know anything more about this webcam boober, leave a comment! She has some of the biggest monster curves I’ve seen in some time, as observed in the image above. I mean, boobs butt and belly this girl has it all, she’s pretty cute (judging from a low-res video), and she knows how to please & tease. But I’m especialy impressed by her pillow tits, her bazooms look so soft and sensual, and at one point she actually plops them out in front and lays on them like so:


A sight not seen enough in the wild, or the bedroom for that matter. Tits like that make me envision entirely new creative sexual positions! Here’s a video:

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