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Interview with Vanessa Del Rio

Not my interview, but man she’s golden. She’s always been a busty entrepreneur, and for his time (and probably shot on a shoulder-slung VHS machine) this guy actually knows how to interview a performer. Her book is still one of my favorite artifacts.

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Vanessa Del Rio’s not-so Top Secret TITS

Later in life she would get a little big-boned, and author a spectacular erotica-book but those 42DD tits of hers were always bangin’! Here’s Vanessa Del Rio circa 1982 as Juanita in Top Secret (again, the 1982 film, not the ’84 parody!).

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Have you seen Haley Cummings and her big naturals?

A terrible blog title, I know. I’m not feeling too clever right now but you absolutely must see this girls titties! That’s the bottom line around these parts after all, isn’t it? New-to-me 42DD natural boober Haley Cummings has some monster naturals, and these pictures absolutely do not do her justice! Don’t take my word for it though, see for yourself if you have a spare second or three minutes rather, as this is about the longest teaser possible! Her tits are incredible, and they bounce like mad, and she’s clearly an experienced titfucker! Anyhow I keep rambling, but watch the trailer here.

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Vanessa Del Rio in the biggest, heaviest book about boobs and sluts

Dian Hanson, an editor at Taschen books and publications, has another big winner on her hands with this one! While I know this title is out of the pocket-books reach for many of us, it’s still worth mentioning. It could very well be one of the sluttiest books out there by a bona-fide publishing giant. I’m talking about Vanessa Del Rio: Fifty Years of Slightly Slutty Behavior. This 2007 publication is hardcover exclusive, and it’s a monster! It’s one-foot square, and weighs a mere 16 pounds – it’s a book people! I think I know (as in own) of one other book that might weigh more, but it ain’t no book about boobs and butts (it’s about astronomy and galaxies!). This book on the other hand (while my one hand is busy you see) is simply seductive – the pages, the fonts, the full-page glossy photos (don’t get those pages sticky now!). A monster book for a monster sex-icon – at that size and weight it makes me wonder if Vanessa Del Rio‘s 42DD tits were reproduced at “actual size and weight”!? Even legendary rapper Snoop Dogg once said of Del Rio, “She is a person I dreamed about having sex with.” I concur!

There are a couple versions of this book floating around. The “deluxe” edition is accompanied by a DVD (see image below for pattern-matching DVD and compare to the size of the adjacent book!); the “art” edition on the other hand is twice as much but is accompanied by a limited edition 2007 print by legendary comics illustrator Robert Crumb. All these legends! All this sex! … Regardless, these books are limited, like rare (1300 deluxe editions; 200 art editions for the entire world!). Taschen direct lists the deluxe edition at $700. I know I know, ridiculous price right? Amazon have it in stock for $560. But TLA Raw have it listed for $359 which is the absolute cheapest I’ve ever seen this book listed at (I’ve been watching for it since its release, but I’m a bit of a bargain hunter-gatherer!). However they don’t have it in stock, but I put myself on the wish list to know when it’s in stock. Not that I can afford it, but I’d love to mention it to a rich friend of mine and maybe buy it for him with his money! loL! Either way, this book will go down as one of the best books about sex, ever!

There’s a terrible f*cking buzz on this video, which is real pet peeve of mine, but it’s great to hear Vanessa Del Rio talk about the sexy times of years past, naughty photographs, cock in her mouth, and the word Slut:


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Lee Madison in a wet tee (she gets fucked too!)


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Lee Madison is a lesser-known model that recently started creeping up in various spots, in parts thanks to her smile but her assets are clearly her 42DD natural breasts (the first boobs of that size reported here!). Her boobs are very discreet, and seem to hide under whatever top she wears. Thankfully of course that top always gets removed and her breasts are so fluid, so supple, that they ebb and flow with wherever the tide takes her! And in her recent scene for BigNaturals she encounters the tide quite literally, venturing out into the Atlantic with a shirt over her bikini. This time it’s the bikini that gets removed and the sight is wonderful! One of the best “wet tee” scenes I’ve seen in a loooong time. Of course, being a RealityKings network site (they’ve been around forever, and they’re still one of the best!) she does, eventually, get plugged!

PS – the name of this scene is Wet Tilf, I can only suspect means Tshirt I’d Like to Fuck! LOL!