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Michelle Angelo then and now

It’s something of a May tradition of mine to revisit Michelle Angelo in her various manifestations over the years, from her doppelganger porn stars to uncovering images I’ve never seen before, like the body paint photo above. Well as those years go by that also means she gets older, and while I never thought to look her up, I stumbled upon these images of her now, today, and while she’s plumped up in size so have her whopping tits! Lovely side-by-side shots of her own design, and that’s a hilarious cartoony character of herself, with perky red nips:

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Exploited Moms: Patty Plenty


While I’m on the subject of blonde MILFs that I would totally plug if I was given the opportunity, I’ll turn your attention to the stacked presence of Patty Plenty and her performance for ExploitedMoms. Of course Patty’s sexagenarian status makes her more likely to be a G-MILF than a MILF like the previously highlighted Claudia Marie. Would that stop me? Hell No! Patty’s unbelieveable all-natural build is un-matched: 66-24-35! She measures up top with a whopping 44DD bra! That’s a first for this blog! In addition she has a huge bubble butt to accompany her massive tits. To boot she’s verbally inclined and talks dirtier than dirt, as she grabs hold of the cock and slaps her own tits with it, “Beat me beat me beat me, I’ve been a bad girl, and I’m proud of it.” She’s more than up-front about where she wants that hot cum, “There!” as she points to her massive foot-long cleavage. After they exploit her, they quickly get her wiped down, dressed up and on her way.

There’s a slew of fellow stacked MILFs at Exploited Moms – notably Gabrielle; the beautifully slutty Angelica Sinn; Chenny’s all-around skill set is Like Whoah!; and of course the monumental plumpers Mary Louise and Mercy (if you don’t know about those latter two ladies then you definitely need to do your homework!).











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