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“Shanita” and her big black bosom

For whatever reason she is listed as “Shanita” at Black Busty, but I think any boob fan will recognize the legendary Kim Eternity aka Kim Hines and her monster ebony 44DDDs – pre-op but post-tattoo, this is Kim in her prime, a lady I once used to refer to as “sex on legs”. These old-school shots which they acquired and recently upped, I have never seen before, and they really show the sheer size of Kim’s bosom – most notably some of the shots where she is leaning forward over the bed, and the space between her tits, her canyon of negative-cleavage, I mean WOW:

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Kim Eternity today?

Could it be? Is it true?

If there’s any possibility that these are recent photos, then she’s living up to her name! She broke into the biz as Kim Hines. These days she’s known by Kim Eternity, a cognomen that suggests either she planned to be active for a long time, or at the very least knew her unique form – a thick frame with a plump ass topped off with full 44DDD tits decorated with dark-brown areola – would reside in the hearts, minds, and groin region of many men for several generations.

Kim Eternity header

Kim Eternity today

Kim Eternity today

Kim Eternity today

Kim Eternity today

Kim Eternity today

Kim Eternity today

If these images, stamped 2008 and released late last month, are her today, then she hasn’t lost any of her zest, nor any of her sex appeal for that matter! In her mid-30s now, she’s as full-framed and fuckable as ever, and you can see it in her eyes as she spreads wide her labia minora that she’s a very likely candidate for my Sex on Legs award! However BigBraOwners got her to come out of the woodwork, I’m thankful! And hopefully the coming months will see more of Kim Eternity, a big tit legend eternal!

Kim Eternity at BigBraOwners

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