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Alexis Love over the years – they just get Bigger and Bigger and… Happy Birthday to BIG BOOBS!

Happy Birthday to Alexis Love and her whopping – and I’m sure still-growing – 48DDD natural bosom. Sixty-two years young, Joyce Gibson burst onto the scene waybackwhen as a young-but-plump brunette on the covers of Girl Illustrated and other Times Sq. porn-shop era glossy spreads. The thing was, as time went on, her breasts kept growing and growing and… eventually they measured up a whopping 48DDD – the likes of which matches Virginia Bell in size, and Alexis has that natural retro look to her too (how boob-ironic!). Proof that it’s complicated to choose a future MILF when she’s younger, because you never know when her boobs will cease growing; and proof that things do get better as they age, and that I’ll never stop chasing the Big Ones!

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A Month Without Boobs?
Say it Aint So!

Okay so I’ve been away. That much is clear. But I’ve returned in full capacity, so you can officially

Now of course where I was and what I was doing is a story longer than any book I’ve read, and I lived it. It wasn’t entirely unexpected, but even I was taken by surprise, and so my time was thin. Long story short, I helped a friend build a home. I have some engineering and construction experience in my past, so I was called in to help “advise” the project. My advisory role eventually led to helping with management of the project, which eventually led to an all-hands-on-deck involvement, including buying insurance to allow me to drive and handle some heavy tools and equipment – ah my past rekindled! I can’t believe that was over six weeks ago now. It’s amazing how much people can accomplish in such a short span of time. Yes I did have a certain amount of personal time, and at the onset I attempted to manage both this blog and my obligations to my clients. However shortly after the project began, the laptop I had taken with me died, complete with a puff of smoke. So that put a pretty obvious crimp on my ability to watch big tit porn and write reviews of emerging content by the likes of your and my favorite sponsors.

I sit here, having returned to my office, amazed at the plethora of content I now feel obligated to post, and the rampant perverted thoughts that have been circling through my mind for weeks on end now. And the industry has been busy. I hear Gianna Michaels has done anal, so I absolutely have to look into that.

Ms Vinyl Meow and her 38H breasts have gone and secured her own website, which unfortunately is still “under construction” (how 1999!):


The other major website launch of note is that of Dors Feline and her absolutely stunning 34K natural tits, brought to us all by the same folks that recently launched Ellie Jay‘s mammoth mammary online presence!


Dors not only has a heavy handful and perky nipples, but she’s an all-around cutie too, complete with color! Colorful tattoos, colorful hair, colorful makeup. The type of model whom I really appreciate to see naked, but also yearn to peruse through her personal wardrobe, to be excited by her choice of fabrics and palettes.

Of course I’m not only into color and ink. I also admire a type of classical beauty, and while I was away I somewhat forgot about (or rather, had a vision in my mind but no image to admire) the soft and sensual approach of Lisa of Cosmid – all I can say is I’m in love all over again:


During my time away, not all was lost. My clients who are also my friends, guaranteed my sanity, and indeed I did have a whale of a time. Some of my adventures included getting a spectacular blowjob on the top deck of a private boat. Sure someone is bound to encounter the situation, but when the only people there are people you trust, you can continue about your business and enjoy the moment! I also got to enjoy my first titfuck with an African-American woman, a massively stacked BBW who was all mojo:


No that was not her, but the foot-long cleavage and intense look of carnal cravings in her eyes are very similar. And that might be the first time I’ve used my own cum as partial lube for my go-again sequential titfuck. Man that was a good evening.

I now have mounds of material to sift through. I’ll post as much as I can in the coming days. I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to make up for all my lost time, but I will do my best! I appreciate all the emails and comment forms that have been sent my way, some even asking if I was all right. Thank you for your concern. Of course my heart is still pumping, and my cock is still throbbing for more big tit action! Tonight I take a break from all of that, but I’ll leave you with some breasts to consider:

Maritza of Mexican Lust recently got fucked for being the naughty stepmother she is. Wait a minute. Stepmother? Does that mean she’s not the birth mother of the 36D-stacked and supposed daughter Silvia Loret? Are the titles of her photosets alluding to some emerging big tit narrative?

Petra of Boobstudy has some giant honkers, especially for her otherwise petite frame. But more-so she reminds me of a dear friend of mine, with the same nose and chin – my friend also has those two moles under her DDs, although Petra’s inverted nipple has my friend outclassed in terms of uniqueness!

And for the sake of boobs, here’s an absolutely stunning shot of Virginia Bell and her 48DDD black-and-white whoppers! Exactly the type of image you might find in Tachen’s Big Book of Breasts!

And here’s a random YouTube find. Girls will be girls.

Another great YouTube find, some of you might recognize this ad:


Germans are really fond of their boob, or busen stars. Her name is Eve Deluxe and she recently made an appearance on the Josof Show:

Enjoy! And it’s good to be back!

retro Friday surprise: Virginia Bell!

vbell header

As a breast fetishist, sometimes one is simply inclined to look backwards, to the big boob pioneers of yore who really set the standard for exhibitionism that we expect today. Meet Virginia Bell, easily one of the most famous, well-paid and buxom stars of her time. And I think you can see why! In an era when there weren’t too many big breast models to begin with, compounded by more restrictive means of access (whereas now 1% of the readership of this blog access this content on their mobile phones!), when someone like Virginia did emerge onto the scene and was willing to bare all, she was quickly accelerated to the status of Goddess!

And having a 48DDD-24-36 hourglass figure doesn’t hurt either!

Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube Media Player.

They sure don’t make them like they used to!

Thankfully there is still a standard being kept by the likes of, who shoot contemporary models in a ‘retro style’ as well as offering some vintage content, including work by Virginia Bell.

Nowadays the question is simply what do you want and when do you want it, because the accessibility of the internet, its immediacy and abundance means that you can pretty much satisfy every fetish on demand. Another way of looking at it is I hope my blog here and other sites can operate like repositories of big boob knowledge, and expose newcomers to the established and authentic models who really paved the way for our collective fetishism to flourish!

see more of Virginia Bell and other retro big boob stars at PinupFiles

pinup files bw ad


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