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Tittyfuck Assistance

Just another titfuck with another hot slut over at Porn Fidelity – only this one got me thinking! Okay first let me put into context the image above. That’s Alanah Rae, 34DD stunner – and I hope you’ll be seeing a lot more of her around here for various reasons. The “assistant” in the background, that’s Kelly Madison – she needs no introduction, really (let’s just say she’s actually the one responsible for masterminding this wonderful scene!). Now, onto the tittyfuck! Okay, here’s my musing. Thinking about how many boobs I’ve tittyfucked – okay, just mull on that for a second. Now thinking about all the girl-girl threesomes I’ve had. Okay, now, how many girl-girls have I had tittyfucks with – yup. I can pretty much count that number on both hands. Now, how many times did one bird in the pair actually do the titfucking (the boobs bit), while the other was essentially the squeeze, like Kelly above? Honestly I can’t tell you – and I think the number is 0. And now I’m truly upset with myself. Was it that I never thought to ask for this? Was it that they were never inclined? I can’t even recall all the one-on-one tittyfucks I’ve had, but the girl-girl sessions are truly quite special, and just the thought of having any one of those ladies do what Kelly is doing above… I call rematch! (I must – MUST! – keep this in mind for my next session!)

Alanah’s punishment: get fucked!

This is an oldie but goodie. I’m always watching trailers, teasers, video clips – of big breast content that is. Looking for new ideas, things I’ve never seen before – it’s amazing how there’s always something new to see! Like this trailer from Pornstar Punishment. I’m not normally down with the whole biting and forceful fondling thing – but James Deen does it pretty good and there is some inspiration to be found, namely Alanah Rae sucking on his toes while getting pounded from behind, cmon that’s just hot! Also, again from behind, only this time upright, it’s worth a watch just to see Alanah’s big heavy 34DD juggs bouncing in the full-length mirror. I don’t care what the context, I’ll never get enough of watching tits do their thing, reflected!