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what I wouldn’t give to wake up in a Boobs Garden

I have definitely woken up in my time with my head buried into the breast or deep cleavage of some big-boobed lady I spent the evening with, so I can really relate to this moment where Aneta Buena is up close and personal with her left eye scrutinizing Bea Flora’s 42G right breast! Bea has plenty of her own fun smooshing her own breasts against Aneta’s 36Fs (maybe G? maybe H!?) and they basically make a meal of each others’ flesh early morning like over at Boobs Garden – they really came out of nowhere with this set, and I thank them for the wonderful change!

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need some help with those Huge Tits?


Aneta Buena gets a rub-down for Busty PL – the premiere Polish Big Boobs website – courtesy of multiple bottles of baby oil and no less than six helping hands! I guess when you have whopping 34F all-naturals, that’s about how many hands you need to get complete coverage! Aneta it would seem is into group participation, see this post here for her collaboration with Malina May and Kora Kryk to better understand what I’m saying. She loves being in the fray, the tension of multiple appendages of flesh pushing against her, the thickness of her body toying with those around her, and here she loves being fondled as much as she normally loves doing the fondling:

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Aneta Buena, one image says it all

Aneta Buena one image


All-natural 34F (European 75H measurement) Aneta Buena has always been one of the larger “Busty Polish” ladies, but this image really speaks for itself, and it says, “With tits as big as your head, everybody’s happy!”

I can’t stop staring. The sheer weight of those things… the deep shadow cast by their overwhelming size!

Also I’ve got a bit of writer’s block at the moment and I want to progress past the previous post. I do have things to say and plenty of material piling up, but my head can’t seem to organize it or commit pen to paper (fingers to keyboard?). Thankfully I stumbled upon this one image that at the very least excited me, and thought it intriguing enough to post. Of course more images would help, no?

Aneta Buena, Kora Kryk and Malina MayAneta Buena, Kora Kryk and Malina MayAneta Buena, Kora Kryk and Malina MayAneta Buena, Kora Kryk and Malina MayAneta Buena, Kora Kryk and Malina MayAneta Buena, Kora Kryk and Malina May

And then after all of that, perhaps this next image is really the image that speaks for itself?

Aneta Buena, Kora Kryk and Malina May
left to right: Malina May, Aneta Buena, Kora Kryk

What I find intriguing about this image is if I was there, at this moment, I might not know how to “insert” myself into the fray! Those arms going every which way, legs criss-crossing, the folds of their skin providing anchor upon which to grab onto! I mean, sure, I have a few ideas!

But the publish button awaits my attention. More coherent and articulate words later, I promise (I hope! Man, I need some coffee…)

Aneta Buena, Kora Kryk and Malina May – Busty Polish ladies!


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