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Ashley Smith by Oyster & Piscitelli, or, How to Hunt an Image

So I saw the above image on a tumblr and I thought, “OK, yeah, that’s a big boob.” I couldn’t pan right in the image a la Bladerunner so I kept hunting. Then I stumbled upon the below image which, while concealed in a tight outfit, confirmed my suspicions:

Yup! Big Boobs! I kept digging, and eventually traced the above images to a series called on the road by Oyster Magazine. Model’s name is Ashley Smith, and with that I could keep diving deeper. But nothing would prepare me for this homegrown honey’s raw attitude, demeanor, and appearance, typified in this lovely set of photos called ‘the Ashley project‘ by Mike Piscitelli:

Wow! What a babe. She photographs so viscerally it hurts. And yeah, I just had to see those tits. And yes, they are nice:

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