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just an ordinary plumper who owns a Big Bra

Check out these total low-fi big-bodied shots of this plumper who clearly has a lot to give – I’m curious if I was given the task just how long would those glasses of hers remain on? Not long I suspect! Bam bam BAM! I would, however, like to keep that smile on her face for as long as possible. The only remaining variable of course is her bra, or top, or shirt, or whatever she calls that thing – she’s obviously a Big Bra Owner in her spare time but she doesn’t waste much time getting her big-bodied boobs out and showing off all her curves:

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I want to hear these titties Clap!

You know what I’m talking about. Some titties are made to just grab onto, like flesh-anchors; other titties are big, but firm and so far apart that it takes effort to get them to squeeze together; and then some titties are so droopy, so pendulous and floppy, like this Black bird from Big Bra Owners – aptly named because she is that! – that all you want to do is grab one boob with one hand, one boob with the other, and flap her two titties together and make the loudest boob-clap you’ve ever heard. Her titties are ripe for this. It would work best if she were leaning slightly forward, so I recommend she mounts me – then again her tits are so big and droopy that I reckon I can make this work from any position!

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Where are they now? Bozena and her 38HH boobs

I’m in something of a retro mood lately. And by retro I mean last decade, circa early 2006, when these photos were taken of Bozena for BigBraOwners. I’m certain Bozena is still out there, surely. Her 38HH tits are too unique and her slutty behaviors too voracious to pass up! Still, it seems like just a couple years ago I couldn’t go a week without seeing her in some new scene, and now like I say you’d have to search her out to see what she’s up to. With a name like “Bozena” of course it’s not hard to find – the name has a ring to it, it sounds like “giant tits”.

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Terry and other owners of big bras

not that you’ll really see any bras in this post, because while I do admire a good boulder holder (such as Karina Hart trying on some bras) right now it’s all about the breasts. BigBraOwners is one of those hidden gems of the web that consists of all-around good quality content of some well-known models such as one of my eternal favorites, Terry Nova, but mostly of amateur models who only exhibit for the occasional shoot.

Even without seeing their faces maybe you have that ability to distinguish the more-famous tits from the less-known pair, but I think it’s safe to say we agree they’re all quality shots! But of course I think you can see why Terry is simply an outstanding model: her tits each command their own space, both a round appendage of tit-meat; her areola are big, amplifying the overall size of her already plentiful handful; her breasts cast a significant shadow and nearly hang down to her belly button! Yes, Terry is #5!

And the most recent addition to BigBraOwners shows that Terry and her 36FF‘s haven’t lost her ability to take a cock:

And of course I’m no tease, so here are some photos from those other faceless tit shots:

Diana: they’re big, they’re soft, she obviously loves to play with her tits.

Carol: nipples that stare you right in the face, demanding to be sucked! And that flexibility!

Pamela: petite, areola you can’t resist sucking on, a seductive face and a tight pussy!

Literally, there are hundreds more amateur tits over at Big Bra Owners! Check them out today!

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