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48F tits of yesteryear

It goes without saying that modern boob fetishism is what it is because of ladies like Candy Samples. In an era when most women were B-cups at best, Candy was sporting a pair of 48Fs and fucking on film like few in her time! Like, the act of tittyfucking became more mainstream thanks to Candy’s techniques! That’s a remarkable achievement. And Vintage Cuties have recently stumbled upon a smorgasbord of her yesteryear scenes and added them to their own archives – just a reminder of how big tits can be, always have been, and here’s to chasing the big ones:

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the BIG book of Breasts


TLA Raw, one of my two or three preferred go-to places for adult content currently is having a sale of Taschen’s 2006 publication The Big Book of Breasts, a near-400 page monster of a coffee table book. I mean it’s massive, about a foot squared, and hardcovered so it’s heavy like Roberta Pedon’s all-naturals (the book weighs nearly 8 lbs!). I don’t actually own a copy myself but I’ve frequently skimmed it while visiting a friend of mine who happens to be a burlesque performer so she uses it for inspiration and a sense of legacy (and yes, she has a very large bosom!). However at nearly 50% off the cover price, and cheaper than Amazon’s used copies, I’m considering picking up my own edition. It’s a really remarkable book, with mostly black-and-white and a handful (ahem) of color photographs of some truly remarkable shapes and hourglass figures that are largely responsible for the modern American obsession with baps, bosoms, breasts, juggs, tits, melons,  you name ’em!

Here are some page-scans and even a promotional video from Dian Hanson, Taschen’s “sexy book” editor!





Includes the talents of Virginia Bell, Uschi Digard, Candye Kane, Sylvia McFarland, Roberta Pedon, Candy Samples, Tempest Storm, June Wilkinson and even Norma Stitz! Read an excerpt from the editor’s forward and understand how the editor traces the American fascination with boobs post-WWII through Russ Meyer and eventually into the silicon-obsessed 90s, which Hanson is particularly critical of. Order your copy. And watch the editor’s promotional video, including how they produced that delightful cover:

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