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is this Chaka T today?

Still one of the most sought-after all-natural bosoms on earth, one has to wonder is this Chaka T today? I’ve never seen or heard of this scene which recently surfaced over at ebony amateur site – it could be from years past and was just recently released, or, I hope it’s a cumback scene with Chaka testing the waters again. God I’d love to see her perform more. She had such a naturally vociferous sexual appetite, loved cock in her mouth and between her giant 36H ebony boobs – which by the way looked great coated in cum! Well, whether this scene is new or old, it’s pretty obvious that Chaka was enjoying herself as always!

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Incredible new scene of Chaka T


Did anyone else notice the new scene of Chaka T recently added to the incredible archives of Big Boobs Fat Booty? They’re the same company you will remember I reported on nearly eight months ago who uncovered some boob-vaulted long-lost scene of Ana. Both Ana and Chaka T rank high on my all-time list of favorite models, for very different reasons. Chaka’s bosom is clearly the larger of the two pairs, but proportionately speaking Ana may actually carry more around. Either way, wherever they’re acquiring this old-school content from, I’m thankful. I thought I was well-versed on Chaka’s filmography but clearly there is still content, scenes, fuck-fests and money shots waiting to be got, or rather to get off to! Now if only she would return and show us what she’s made of today, I’m certain she’s learned a handful of tricks while she’s been on hiatus.

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thinking about tits pressed on glass

Mulling over the recent jaw-dropping performance of Nelli Roono, her immesurable-cup big breasts stirring around over 10 fluid ounces of baby oil on a glass table top and the views offered to us from below, like the perverted floor-rug I am, I was reminded of this old-school performance by Chaka T for Scoreland who to this day ranks near the top of my all-time favorites list, even though she hasn’t modeled in many years. Her all-natural 36H bust was complimented by her chirpy personality, BIG smile, and ability to do softcore poses nearly as well as she did hardcore fucking. Best of all she was a big fan of titfucking, her prolific skills only replaced in recent years by fellow ebony jugger Janet Jade.


While Nelli’s NR-cup tits are easily larger, it isn’t always all about size, frankly. Chaka’s inclination to suck cock and smile while taking a load to the face easily put her above Nelli in my catalog, even though of course I appreciate a good wank to Nelli’s massive udders, especially when they’re stretching her shirts beyond capacity! Furthermore Chaka’s breasts and body simply look better pressed against glass. Her approach to this setting is more playful, more arty, and stirs the imagination more with what you might do with her in the moment:






Ahhh there we go!

I patiently await the day Chaka returns to Score and shows us she’s never lost her touch. Knowing her, as one who saw her develop over some time, I’d be willing to bet she’s only gotten better with age!

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