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Mammoth Tits deserve a mammoth dildo


Thankfully what the phenomenally mammoth boober Miosotis Claribel deserves, she receives! Because one of her fans sent her a two-foot long rubber cock to toy with. She claims to take it everywhere, which in the Caribbean where she is from means to the beach a couple times a week. In this series you’ll see her quickly roll up her top over her monster 52KKK naturals, although there’s not much pseudo titfucking to be had. More that she flips and flops that multi-footlonger around, pretends to suck and lick it, as if even a talented fuck-star such asĀ  herself would actually be able to take a cock like that.

Miosotis is on a Boat


I don’t think I’ll ever be able to think about the expression “on a boat” again without thinking of that Digital Short by Andy Samberg on Saturday Night Live earlier this year that featured T-Pain. If you don’t know it then you’re missing out (see the video here). That part when T-Pain says he fucked a mermaid, man that’s classic! Well Miosotis Claribel is no mermaid, but thanks to her monstrous 52KKK natural ebony boobs, she is an incredibly unique creature, and it would be akin to spotting a mermaid to be out at sea and see her… on a boat.

It’s not the most interesting clip, I admit. Mio is pretty un-animated and the camerawork is pretty awkward. Mostly I wanted to highlight the Samberg clip and make mention of a mermaid on my blog! I’m sure most of you were expecting me to make the analogy of her breasts as flotation devices, but that’s too obvious for my style. Still, it does make you wonder doesn’t it… if they would help her float or not… Anyhow! Here’s the video:

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Miosotis gives new meaning to “Top Heavy”

In fact, the phrase Top Heavy, even the thought, the mere concept, should have been patented and reserved until her recent fruition, her hardcore enlightenment.

52KKK is no joke, it never was. It was always clear that Miosotis was an instant hit, a veritable living legend. You could tell such was her destiny when she first broke through over at Nadine’s site, and there were actual arguments that led to flame wars over the validity of her juggs and if she was simply a photoshop wonder invented to drive us all raving mad! Mad we were, mostly that Daktari had got ahold of her first, and so she was destined for a life of softcore posing, her true femininity – her orgasms, her oh-face – denied to us all with a single stroke.

But as legends go, this one has to be re-written. Because Miosotis, or Mio as I like to refer to her (it’s shorter, easier, plus no one was really sure for a long time how the hell to pronounce her name!), is now a frequent participant of the more carnal things in life: cocksucking, nipple biting, vagina stroking, aaaaand getting fucked – all thanks to her recently launched personal site, Club Miosotis.

As for my own fetishisms: while I absolutely love doggy-style, especially with a lady with an ample bosom to give the ol’ reach-around, or to hear her breasts clapping on the half-beat as I pound away from behind; while I absolutely demand some missionary time so I can watch her squirm and squeal as I thrust away; or while I absolutely adore spooning so we can kiss and slowly grind; I absolutely cannot get enough of a cowgirl – ever since I was 15 and “M” rode on top, her pendulous DD/F tits clapping in front of me. “M” used to claim this was the only position she could orgasm in, and she would basically grab onto my shoulders or the bed frame and rock my cock for 10-15 minutes, and her multi-pound tits were mine for the fondling. She didn’t care what I did, and I used to do some funny stuff: act like I was weight-lifting her funbags, or try and clap her tits along to the rhythm of the music we were fucking to, or sometimes just suck and suck and suck until she came. Then – and I followed her rules to the T because they afforded me so much up-close breast time at that age – it was my turn.

But her on top, man those were good times. And something that even in the well-documented arena of porn is overlooked or difficult to find a prime example of the technique. So naturally when I saw this one photo of Mio on top I was immediately reminded of my experiences of yore, and the desire for some big tits on top. I’ve never been with a 52KKK-caliber lady, but I reckon this is what I looked like proportionately at the time! Hah!


Some more photos from Miosotis’s recent fuck-fests, because you have got to see these tits from every angle to believe them!


Miosotis Hardcore and then some

In my first Boobs in the News post at the end of last year I reported that Miosotis Claribel was going on hiatus supposedly due to health complications which since my report was indicated to be related to her heart.

Now this is a contentious issue between production companies and likely something that will lead to some legal resolution, but while she was ‘away’ Mio started producing hardcore footage, the first scene to hit the streets being with the bodacious booty model Cherokee D’Ass (by the way, happy birthday Cherokee! I hope you get a nice hard spanking on that 52″ ass of yours!). And yes, I said ‘first scene’ because more are on the way (keep reading!).

Miosotis Claribel at Cherokee D'Ass

Without rubbing it in, clearly Miosotis is enjoying her transition to the adult screen (encoded, downloaded and displayed on my widescreen monitor that is) and has simply decided to ‘move on’ or upgrade from strictly softcore photography. What does this mean for the future? Whether you like it or not, there’s more hardcore on the way. Members of the Tits and Ass Pass network will recognize the recent addition of the upcoming ‘Club Miosotis’ to their list of available websites:

Tits and Ass Pass

That’s right. The same people who have brought us Kristina Milan (42KKK) and Vanessa Del (38JJJ), as well as given classic names such as Minka (54KKK) and Maria Moore (36J) a place to call home, will soon (fingers crossed!) be offering us consistent updates of another mid-alphabet letter caliber of tits, the 38K Miosotis Claribel! I’m compelled to suggest that between the five of those ladies we’re talking about more than 50lbs. of breasts, and that could very well be a conservative estimate!

One way or another you’ll have to wait for that launch, but in the meantime enjoy this sample of her dive into the hardcore pond:

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Miosotis Claribel’s first hardcore, from Cherokee D’ass