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another superb Grandma Shelly dick-tugging scene

Grandma Shelly is definitely “back”, with a vengeance to tug as many dicks as she can with her ginormous 34G whopping tits, with her latest performance being for Over 40 Handjobs. She’s definitely over 40, and what I love is that Shelly can’t seem to just ever do a straight hand-tug. She lusts for dick so much that it always winds up in her mouth, and of course she knows the power of her bosom – to make dicks cum buckets between her tits is all she really wants!! And yes, at that age, she gets what she wants ;)

I’m Horny for Shelly’s Horny Granny Tits

Grandma Shelly has been on something of a tour lately, fucking all the younger cocks she can find – frankly, I’d fuck her in a heartbeat, and I’d be a lot more animated about it than this geezer. His blank stares elude me – doesn’t he see the size of those TITS! She knows that her seriously heavy funbags are her appeal, but I’d still make the most of it, and she’d love my motions.

[via Devil’s Film]

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Grandma Shelly, girls these days could learn a thing or two from you

Listen I’m a slut as much as actual sluts, ya heard! Not everything in my book needs to be “fresh”, 18-years-young or without wrinkles. I”m all about the game, the experience, and the fun. And yeah I’d happily cum buckets between Grandma Shelly’s ginormous knockers any day of the week – in fact I’d be willing to bet she’s actually had a buckets-worth of cum between her tits over her lifetime! You should hear this lady talk dirty – “fuck my big rack” or “You want a little suck?” (at which point dick promptly goes in her mouth!) – she’s also got some incredible balls-licking skills, and in fact her blowjob skills might outrank her titfucking abilities, which is amazing given her 34G “mounds”, but then again like I say with age also cums experience!

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if only boob-wrestling were a “sport”

Californian wrassler Shelly stopped by the 50 Plus MILF studios to show off her muscles aka chesticles. She’s got some super arm muscles too, and shows off her physical moves. She pins this dude time and time again, claiming the big… belt. Seriously though, she’s 5’8″ and pretty darned ripped. I mean I think I could take her, but I’d much rather “take her” if you know what I mean.

She won the tournament, so she claimed his cock as her “reward”. If it isn’t already obvious, I’d volunteer for 1st Loser if it meant getting a go at her older-than-dirt big fucking titties: