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I can see the boobs, so why not just show me the boobs?

Jenny P’s titties for Action Girls are teasing me beyond belief! I mean here’s the thing: she won’t reveal her tits, topless. But her tits are right there – staring back at me, begging to be admired. And admiring I am. The way her boobs are bulbous and round, but her nipples are perky and pointing up up UP! Up, right into my eyes – I’d rather my vision be gouged by her fleshy boob-pokers than not get to see them. I mean the porous blouse is nice, but I want the full-flesh image – gimme gimme those topless tits!!

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FINALLY! Peek-a-boob with Jenny P

Jenny P of Action Girls acclaim has been teasing me for years – refusing to show her nipple to my salivating mouth, first with her numerous sidewinder shots from 2009, then managing to use her arms to hide her nipples. I was nearly ready to beg! Then she came through for me. It’s not full disclosure, sure, but it’s pretty good and I definitely have an idea now! This sheer top shows plenty, and she’s exactly how I imagined her – the size of her areola might even be bigger than I suspected, and makes her 34DDs appear even bigger than they are – sweet!

Jenny P’s new look, still won’t show nipple

Over a year ago I first included Jenny P aka Penny Mathis and her 34DD sidewinder boobs in my archives for the first time, also for the premiere big tits & action (not necessarily big tit action, there is a difference!) website Action Girls. Well Penny, Jenny… ahh you know she’s back and that’s all that matters. She has a new look, she even looks younger I might add – probably because she shed a couple pounds. But her breasts haven’t lost any mass, making them sometimes appear more-round, more-bigger, more-booby than before. But she’s still not showing nipple, so it’s safe to say that’s her “thing”. I guess at least she has a pleasant face to look at, but it’s like those “my eyes are up here” shirts would suggest, sometimes I just want to stare at your TITS:

the Sidewinder Boobs of Jenny P


Sidewinder boobs are those pairs so fantastic that you can see them from behind! And Jenny P, a sort of spokeswoman for ActionGirls, has some primo sidewinder boobs! Even from behind, with her arms lowered and her elbows bent back, her ginormous titties find their way into the picture frame! Here are a couple more shots, not your typical from-behind shots but still sidewinder-y:


I can’t not give you a gallery of images now can I? Enjoy!



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