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a 40L-cup Storm is brewing

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Most tits tend to be in the C, D, or even F-cup ranges these days (at least in the clubs I go to they are!). Skip a couple – make that six – letters forward and you’ll arrive at L. Think of L to stand for “L”ong Cleavage, like a foot-long, which is exactly what Storm from Juggmaster will give: two big baps with over one foot of cleavage. And she could easily do damage to me with these things! One of the biggest finds of 2009 over at that super-sized body-n-boob site, I’m not normally a fan of the “headless” boob star but I admit I could watch her move for hours. It is amazing she manages to squeeze her tits through that fencing, a Juggmaster trademark (among other techniques).


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Missy still a fan-fav at JuggMaster

If you can’t see why then I seriously hope you’re blind. I mean that would suck, because you wouldn’t be able to gaze upon the world of Big Giant Breasts as documented by the legendary Jugg Master, but I guess technically you could still cop a feel :)

I’m reminded in conversations and exchanges about the said legendary nature of JM’s site, and specifically of the fandom around Missy and her superb 36J bosom. For me it’s not just in her tits – which of course, I love! – but also in her thunderous thighs and super-smooth skin. And she’s always got something of a sultry smile on her face, I can only imagine what her oh-face must look like! She’s always been a fan fav too because she’s fairly approachable, if you search for her in the right channels you can find plenty more of her.

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I’ll never get tired of Maria Moore’s JuggMaster boobs

While Maria Moore moves on and hopefully up to better heights having recently shedded some virtual website fur attached to her image (if you know what I’m referring to then kudos to you), it is still her work for JuggMaster that will always manage to impress me. For me the notion of photography has a lot to do with how I respond to pornography, and JuggMaster’s lens is always spot-on! JuggMaster catches all the right moments in crystal clear clarity and the lighting is balanced in such a way that my eyes – and by extension my hands want to – simply get lost in her field of flesh. There is a gorgeous reflection of light in her eyes and of course her 36J juggs are the focus of my attention thanks to the compositions.

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Ride em Cowgirl


Maria Moore is a legend in her own time. Her legendary status is driven not only by her sexually voracious appetite, or ability to do softcore posing, perform fellatio or fuck hardcore all equally well, but on top of all of that she has an extremely dedicated work ethic. One could imagine she works so hard and so often that she very well  might spend about 1/2 of her time topless or completely naked (even better!). She’s worked with so many companies and even leaked a few home porn movies in her time. Her breasts have fluctuated over the years but she’s always been something of a plump-stunner; these days I like to lock her up in the 36J cup cage! And while the work she’s done for Score over the years has been extremely hot-and-horny, and her recently launched personal website is growing at a steady pace, I kindly look upon the past few years and her work for Juggmaster as some of the best photography she’s ever done and might ever do. Part of it of course is Juggmaster’s photo-eye, he has a knack for huge breasts and plump forms and knows how to use the lens to emphasize all the appropriate curves. But part of it is clearly Maria herself. For Juggmaster she always has that look in her eye, that look that says she’s glad to be here, she’s glad you’re watching, but she’d really like to fuck right now too! Then again she might always have that look in her eye!

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