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more of N-Cup Kaori – big natural titties from Japanland

In anticipation of Kaori’s forthcoming launch and boob-spillage onto the world, the studio responsible for her debut is leaking some more images of her incredible N-cup natural bust – both clothed and bra-free, with her tits in all their saggy glory, her giant pancake areolae staring me back head-on! This makes me realize how much of a face-man I am though. By that, I mean it’s hard for me to put too much faith in a girl whose face I can’t see – amazing tits, no doubt, but what about her smile? Then again, those tits are BIG!

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Kaori’s natural N-cup BOOBS with giant areola

These promo images are spreading like wildfire. Featuring a new sinsationally big titted model of Japanese origin, she’s only 19 years old with a 113cm bust line (that translates to the N-cup region!), and most noticeably she has some giant pancake areolae (see below!)! Her debut film, directed by “Uncle Sweets” and released by “Cherry Bonbon Family Fantasy” promises to be an “Exclusive Fetish Busty Amateur Busty Tit preparation” – well, I couldn’t have made that up now could I! This, on the heels of my recent thesis about the growing popularity (and size) of Asian Udders – now if only there were an American outlet for these videos, and also get these girls off their contracts so I can see them get fucked properly!


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