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remember Busty Kathi?

remember Busty Kathi?

YES, I do!

What made Busty Kathi (Kathi Somers) so unforgettable? A lot of things! Obviously there’s her incredible bust-to-waist ratio: 44-25-36! Then there’s her smile and her gaze, sometimes subtle but always seductive, and when she stared at you through the lens of the camera you sensed she really enjoyed modeling, and you squirmed to see more! Additionally, Kathi was always extremely creative with her outfits and photo-sets, and had an incredible ability to fill out lingerie, tight shirts and especially sweaters!

I don’t remember exactly when I first encountered Kathi’s Cheesecake Gallery – one of the first updated weekly big boob sites – but there are a few images in particular that stand out in my memory:

busty kathi 5

busty kathi 4 busty kathi wet!

What made Kathi’s Cheesecake site so enjoyable was you really sensed that it was developed and staffed by her – she even ran an ‘Ask Kathi’ section for several years where she answered real questions from her fans. The design wasn’t overly commercial and while the content was of a homely production it was still extremely exciting – and often Kathi would bring in other models such as Summer Cummings, but Kathi always managed to be the focus of attention, with her large areola and nipples that pointed up in a manner that said, “suck me!” She even managed to look just as hot as a redhead as her natural blonde:

busty kathi redhead
(wow! what I wouldn’t give for an hour with Kathi on that couch!)

Outside of her own website, she made few appearances elsewhere, but was featured in a “Tit Chat” interview in the November 1999 issue of Score Magazine (and maybe the April 2001 issue? I’m not entirely sure). Unfortunately some time around Fall 2005 Kathi reported that she would no longer be posting or chatting online, as she developed arthritis that made it impossible to continue her modeling career. Kathi was a really classy lady, and she is missed – I hope one day she’ll make a return (even just a cameo!) but in the meantime are happy to open our big tit blog with this post, an homage, to her!

And for those of you who never heard of Kathi before, here’s a taste of the incredible outgoing spirit she had (a question from the Ask Kathi section of her website):

Do you get looks from men all the time and do you give them nasty looks? Do you like it when men look at you? Do you think it is a compliment to women when they get looks?

I do get looks from men all the time and I generally smile at them when it happens! I honestly don’t understand women who are offended by being appreciated. I can understand being upset if the looks or comments are crude and vulgar, but, in my experience, that’s fairly rare.

If I’m walking down the street and someone in a passing vehicle honks or whistles, I wave and smile. I consider it a compliment to be noticed and appreciated. And, I’ve also noticed that, if I respond in a positive fashion, I help to brighten the other person’s day. It doesn’t cost anything to smile and be friendly…and it comes back to you, too. I think the reason I rarely get crude and vulgar attention is because of the way I approach life.