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Miss Intrigue has a TON of TIT!

Very few tits look like that, when the special lady lay on her back and they’re still as big as mountain peaks, topped off with a nipple that points straight up into the sky! Very few. But Miss Intrigue is like none other – in fact she’s the only 30J-cup boober ever reported on this blog. And just to prove how special those special-cup titties are, just look at some of the things she can do with her monster naturals: squeeze them in a way so they stand nearly a foot tall!; have them pinched and pulled nearly a foot either side; squeeeeeze them, and they’re so big her cleavage wraps all the way around up top; and of course they’re big enough that I can imagine four hands wrapped around her two tits, and still not cover all their surface area. That’s a TON of TIT:

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Miss Intrigue’s seaside whoppers

What I wouldn’t give to get a glimpse of Miss intrigue and her seaside whoppers by the bay. On her knees, her 30J cup titties hanging in the breeze; sitting on her butt, leaning back, her breasts nearly wrap around her backside; from below, the optical illusion that her tits really are bigger than her head (each one of them!); and of course, leaning forward, with that gaping cleavage of hers that is big and pendulous enough to wrap any cock – I want to take a dip with (in!) her!

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Miss Intrigue gets more and more intriguing!

As time goes on the naturally stacked – 30J natural no less! – Miss Intrigue gets more and more intriguing! And of course her portfolio of work gets better and better. Especially now that she’s always peeking a little pussy into her shots, one can only wonder if she isn’t eventually leaning towards exhibiting some more-explicit skills. Wondering… with HOPE! Members to her website will already be familiar with some of her more audacious work, but I’m only allowed to exhibit these teaser shots. Still, they’re pretty remarkable, and the photography is also getting better and better from where it was when she first launched. There’s more of a boobtastic feel to her shots and a better sense of modeling. All contributing to her allure and my desire to want to spend some quality time with her! Enjoy:


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BoobSquatch spotting with Miss Intrigue (big 30J naturals!)

If only all those videos spotting some mythical creature in the woods were actually Big Tit porn featuring the seriously stacked 30J natural British MILF Miss Intrigue. Actually, those videos were always shit – too blurry, shaky, and of course the creature in question was way hairy! I think it goes without question but I’ll still point out the obvious that I’d much rather be watching this big-boob misses in the wild. Her boobs are supernatural, definitely the type of body and form I could stare out and watch, for hours on end. Of course I’m only human, so eventually I’d have to whip out my man-stick and self-satisfy my desires – these images put to the test just how long can I wait before taking that test!

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I think Miss Intrigue really likes me!


Miss Intrigue might very well be the best thing of 2009 – a last-minute entry to the annals of Big Boob history in this first decade of the 21st century. In addition to her amazing all-natural 30J assets, Miss Intrigue is an amazing personality and person. She maintains amazing contact with her fans and with this blogger in particular – so Miss Intrigue, I thank you for your friendship and constant willingness to talk, it proves you’re a really genuine lady! As for the tits, let’s face it, these breasts are one of a kind. Their size, their erect nipples, their sheer weight and density (when she leans forward), their “as big as your head” factor. Miss Intrigue is like my Xmas present to myself!



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no jogging suit can contain these Naturals!


There’s a new boober on the block! And it’s my special honor to present to you quite possibly the best model of 2009 – she came along at the very end, but her 30J natural breasts are simply too big – SO big – that it’s hard to not nominate them, errr her and by her I mean the one and only Miss Intrigue! She’s a really sweet lass who first made a name for herself at some cam and nudie sites, but has since sought to establish her own throne in the Big Boob Arena. She’s doing a bang-up job already. You’ll notice she’s a little face-shy still. She has a really great smile but is a little hesitant to work that into the every frame. I say all we need to do is join her new website and encourage her – she’s clearly got the goods and the propensity to exhibit! Every now and then her hubby’s hands find their way into the frame too – I personally wouldn’t mind seeing more of that, I mean more of this, I mean more of these… these tits!


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