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puffy areola may make tits appear larger than they really are


In my tit-hunts, I leave no bra un-clipped. While I’m always on the hunt for a pair of G-cup ta-tas, I admit I’ve settled for less, much less. Natali from Glossy Angels reminds me however of this one time I went for a pint with this girl, we’ll call her “S”. It was clear she was a C-cup at best, and had a padded bra (experienced eyes can see through tops) but I figured I’d test my luck. By the middle of the second pint we had agreed to my place. Within minutes of getting home we were both stripped to our underwear. Then it came time to unclip her bra. She was wearing this dark blue padded number (I called it!). I could tell she was apprehensive, almost like something was bothering her, but I worked my magic: I occupied her mouth with one hand while I un-clipped her bra with the other, distracting her with my pecker poking her stomach (she was a shorty). As soon as her boobs were exposed I exclaimed, “Wow!” – she had a wonderful pair of puffy boobs, and her areola accounted for a simple majority of 51% of her breasts! Her apprehension was that I would think her breasts odd, but when she saw and heard my excitement, she knocked her head back with a laugh, grabbed my head and forced my mouth onto her nipples which became erect in my mouth! What a night! Thanks for the reminder Glossy Angels!


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Emma’s Petite Puffies for Met-Art


Listen, I’m a breast fetishist. And having a fetishism with breasts doesn’t always mean they have to be the size of my head or even “more than a handful”. Sometimes it’s simply about an amazing pair of breasts! In particular I think a lot about “vintage titties” and the way breasts used to be shaped. If you’ve ever glanced through old nudie mags you’ll recognize that a C-cup back in the day was considered sizable, and “D-cup” was its a sensation unto itself, let alone the FF and G+ cup bras and breasts we fondle today (it is good to be alive, isn’t it?). These older-style bosoms spawned phrases like torpedo tits, because of their shape. And while still a popular find among women, what seems to becoming more and more rare were common at least in magazine spreads of years past: the puffies.

Puffies could probably even be as small as a B-cup, but the majority of their (the entire breast that is) shape and size is attributed to the areola and nipple, creating a volcanic like protrusion of flesh from the chest of the woman. Their appearance makes you think there are two separate pairs of breast – a two-for-one deal!

So meet Emma A. Elkas, a stunning babe from Met-Art with a wonderful pair of petite puffies! Met-Art specialize in nude photography and elevate their own niche to a level of fine art. Their images are superb, crisp, and their attention to detail is unmatched – note the fine focus and concentration on Emma’s tight pussy! With some images at an astounding 39MP, let’s just say you see everything!

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