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she goes by a different name, but her TITS are still HUGE!

She can go by whatever name she wants over at the all-natural site Silicone Free, but Ginger aka “Ana” will always have one of the hugest most-monstrous pair of breasts on the planet! These images are from earlier this year, and she moves around from site to site but the SF folk might have some of the best photographic shots of her monster melons. In particular the shot above, and the last one below, with her arms cocked out, are two of my all-time favorites.

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now this is what I call a Field of Dreams

Call her Ana, call her Ginger. Either way she’s been stirring the hearts, minds and pants-regions of boob-men the world over! And some of her best and most-consistent work is with the Euro-centric site Silicone Free. Whether it be in the lenses they use, or some gravimetric distortion in this Field of Boob Dreams they shot her in, somehow her big natural titties always seem bigger at that site! Either that or her boobs are still growing, getting naturally more naturally busty! Hah. What I wouldn’t give to watch this movie about baseball and big boobs:

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it’s like you can hear them go PLOP!


Sometimes all you really need is one image! And this one image of Ginger AKA Ana at SiliconeFree is all I need to see, because I can almost hear this image! It’s like I’m sitting on the bed edge, and she slowly struts towards me in her crotchless nylons. I’m looking her body up and down when during my next up-pass she simultaneously lifts her giant 38H bosom up into the troposphere! Eek! So much weight, so much tit-meat! Then suddenly, she lets go. I see everything in slow-motion, the descent of her big boobs and perky nipples when suddenly with the force of 9.81 m/s2 a booming PLOP smacks against her stomach region, the shockwave blasting me back onto the bed.

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a big breast observation (thanks Samantha!)

Samantha 38G as she is known has long-been a card carrying member in my big boob library of knowledge and while I have yet to really write anything about her here (save a brief mention of her in my at the Carwash post many months back), it’s not because of any lack of professionalism on her part or inconsistency in her productions. Quite the opposite: Samantha is one of those ultra-BBWs that I constantly find myself impressed by, attracted to, and begging for more from her!

Her attitude: she’s constantly having fun on camera, laughing with her partners, enjoying the motion of the ocean. Her oh-face: she has real orgasms on camera, and she has them hard! Her swagger: her hips are in just the right place to articulate the bounce of her massive rump and carry her plump form. So plump, and I love all the rolls in her skin, her bust line is emphasized and their movement shows just how hard she pumps dick when she fucks. But the “observation” I wanted to mention is something more subtle, and is one of myriad reasons why I’m such a fan of big soft plush breasts:

This image of Samantha from SiliconeFree shows Samantha recently at a beach. Simple enough. And while I really love the pink stitchwork on the zebra-patterned bikini top, what I’d really like to draw your attention to is the impressions on Samantha’s 38G breasts! The flowers, leaves and vines imprinted:

(click for larger image)

Her 38Gs clearly filled to the max the bra she wore to the beach prior to the photoshoot, and left its design imprinted on Samantha’s soft tits. A phenomenon only feasible with a plush pair of naturals, really! Of course the puns immediately flood to mind: I wouldn’t mind getting lost in that forest; So these are what melon trees look like?; I wonder if it will snow here later (see, snow is a metaphor for steaming white cum – pretty clever, huh?). Seriously though what I wouldn’t give to spend some quality time with Samantha – so much to grab onto!

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big tits spotted in the wild

Ana Ginger is one of those new models, with a simple name, a simple approach to modeling, but with a truly massive pair of completely all-naturals whom you can’t believe you never knew about before, or that the big tit world ever existed without her!

She debuted at SiliconeFree just yesterday, and it’s my extreme pleasure to start spreading the word about her, because really this is my kinda lady. Don’t be fooled by her facial expression above – she possesses a truly seductive smile also, is a very animated and outgoing person, and obviously has a pair of tits that would prove challenging to bench-press:

See what I mean!

And from the image at the top, her nipples, whether aroused from being exposed outdoors, or excited by her first exhibitionism for us all to see, are visibly suckable, and her tits so soft they hold the impression of her bra for some time. That she probably existed heretofore as simply an ordinary person in an ordinary town somewhere, anywhere, amazes me. And it’s this type of lady that I have a hard time approaching on the street. Those who wear low-cut tops and expose their deep cleavage you can always strike up a conversation with, but with ladies like Ana Ginger, it’s difficult because she’s disguised such a wonderful prize under her blouse that I stumble and can’t talk about anything other than the desire to see her tits!

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Kerry Marie, silicone free, obviously

There’s no need to point out the obvious, but Kerry Marie is clearly Silicone Free! This set from SF shows Kerry as she has grown and matured into a contender for world title holder of sexiest, plumpest, most-voluptuous and big-boobed BBW around. Not originally her claim-to-fame, her frame has grown for the bigger and better!

She premiered as a 34F stacked honey, slim-n-slender like, but might easily now be a H-cup class and fits in nicely with the wide variety of super-stacked and big-bodied ladies you’ll find predominant at SiliconeFree:

silicone free banner

click for full-size sample – 2MP size images!

After all to be “silicone free” this suggests we’re talking about BIG TITS! Silicone tits just don’t hang or press together the way Kerry Marie’s breasts do!


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