If you’ve ever been to the gym when that lady with a sizeable pair walks in, her sports bra condensing her DD or FF or hopefully GG cup into a solid round globular mass of flesh, and you contemplate during her workout session on the treadmill or stair-climber her tits slowly spilling out, then you think you have yourself a pretty good imagination. Now do your best to imagine that pair is a whopping 32MM and all-natural! Such an encounter would be as the most-recent update at TopHeavyAmateurs proclaims, the Workout of a Lifetime! Cheron – the 22 year-old chocolate-skinned Brazilian exclusive to THA – does not disappoint! From simple stretches to tension ropes to a bouncing session on the workout ball, you should see these tits bounce, flop, jiggle and sway and best of all burst out of Cheron’s tight spandex outfit! And yes, I mean moooooove: HD video is available!



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  • Jimmy

    Cheron is such a beautiful woman; you can tell even though they’ve unfortunately decided to blur out her face. Every time I look at her it feels like home.

  • admin

    welcome home Jimmy!