I originally saw this over at Smoothie Luv‘s, bookmarked it, meant to blog it myself – then the creator wrote me and politely asked if I could blog it. It’s worth the watch obviously – there’s also a 3D version of the video below here on YouTube that works really well with the live-action + animation combo technique. I never thought I’d hear London Andrews say, “too many titties” but, well, I can check that off my list even though it was never there! Yup.

Chastitty Jones’ miraculous discovery of a cure for breast cancer comes with a deadly consequence – a doppelganger bent on infecting the planet! With the odds stacked against her, and armed with only her wits, Chastitty must unleash the power of her greatest assets to defeat Melonoma’s mutatious ways. Statuesque superstar London Andrews doubles as both buxom heroine and vivacious villainess in the ultimate Russ Meyer-esque battle of the boobs.