What did you expect me to say? I’ll have a boob fetish until the day I die, and I don’t discriminate against size, creed, or age for that matter! If anything the pictures below prove that some things get better with age, and that sex is only as old & boring as your own desire to have it. If you still want to be plugging away at age 67, anything is possible! As for me when I was 19 I had my first cougar encounter – she was 36, nearly double my age. Ever since then I’ve been hunting for someone 2x my lifespan with a rack for me to rate – the options get thinner as you get older, sure, and both sides kind of become a little more picky, but I think that’s a given and a good thing because we both want satisfaction, not fuck for the sake of. And these ladies prove that you can have your cake and eat it too – and some titties ripen with age:

Our 40 Something Mag representative is Ciara Blue – a fiend for the tease with a shaved pussy and some big pussy lips ready to swallow any cock. You’ll notice from here on out a determining factor in older boobs that still have class are they have a more-dense appearance, all very firm. The 40-something age bracket is definitely the biggest supplier of boobs, and Ciara is proud to carry the banner:

Over at 50 Plus MILFs we have Joanna Storm who honestly is probably my pick of the litter. The right combination of still-fit body, golden locks, lips designed to suck cock, and of course a bangin’ pair of titties – and the right mixture of fuck-yeah! and oh-fuck! oh-faces:

However not to be outdone is the queen of them all: Bea Cummins! This 36DD 60 Plus MILF is of course also 50 Plus and 40 Something! Therefore she’s top of the charts, and you’ll also find her in scenes at those respective magazine/websites also! Because she proves that experience really does matter, and she’s constantly getting laid even at her age – and as if one cock at a time wasn’t enough, howabout two!: