Instagram star Lindsey Pelas recently launched a video for Cosmopolitan magazine where she lists her top-ranked ’11 Big Boob Problems’ – there are some classics like bending over and working out at gyms, but she’s got some unique spins on others like boob sweat – just swipe a little deodorant between those triple-Ds, no harm done!

But the real kicker to this video is the follow-up video they shot. They knew they were going to get some pushback and so they pre-recorded a ‘Lindsey Pelas Responds to Slut Shamers’ video. Actually if you follow Pelas online you’ll know she deals with this (haters, slut-shamers, etc.) quite often – which, I, frankly, do not understand. Not only is this lady gorgeous beyond belief, she’s incredibly intelligent, witty, and contemporary. Like, OK yeah she takes a lot of selfies. SO WHAT! You can tell from her moments on camera she’s articulate, clever, a good actor, and incredibly respectful of others. Which only makes me want to suck on those baps even more! ;) (Sorry I can’t help myself!)