The Russian TV prank show is a classic show for boob ogglers. I stumbled upon these collections online at Russian Film Archive – non-censored ftw! You can watch more at their collections for Naked & Funny and Crazy TV Pranks. Unfortunately their video system means their videos don’t embed with thumbnails, so you’ll just have to press play and hope for the best. (Trust me they’re all good.)

This first babe has 4 clips and she’s a sort of ‘face & tits’ of the series:



This is by far her best work:

This one is a ‘trapped-in-an-elevator’ dream come true, if only it would happen:

The old guy in this one ‘gets it’ ;)

This lady is a classic tit-babe:

She’s another classic boober:

This downblouse clip-slut is an absolute winner:

But this babe might be my favorite:

This last clip is low-res, but she’s a beautiful boober – I wish I could find this one in HD without the logo smack in the middle of the clip: