I guess you can tell I’m reporting these days on some unusual content, non-sponsor content, and generally trying to provide more “boob coverage” as it were. I’ve gotten a few emails but let me know what you think of my more expanded coverage.

For this post I’d like to introduce you to the true boob fetishism of Vincent Stephens, an artist who turns his desires into boob illustrations, occasionally in color but usually black & white ink drawings. He has a real fine sense of line, and makes sure the thicker lines are always accentuating all the right curves: hips, tits, butt. He dabbles in all types of porn illustration, but he definitely has a knack for the voluptuous, and his drawings have included renditions of some of my favorite models including Dors Feline, Miosotis and Minka – proving his fetishism is for boobs of all shapes & sizes.

Some samples are below. And a little bit of soul searching (i.e. google search engine) lead me to his DeviantArt profile which includes many samples of his work. Now I know he says he’s “mightily” pissed to find his work duplicated all over the internet, but hopefully he’ll see my blog as a service to his practice and not be too ticked off. I am, after all, a fan of his fetishism – and I think I’m maintaining the integrity of his art as much as possible.


again, visit his DeviantArt profile and say Hi Boobs!