The vixen starlet known as Adrennalynn’s moniker isn’t a far cry from her birth name, Adrianna Lynn, and appropriately describes – as in, adrenaline – the sexual speed and nature of this 5’3″ sexpot!

Her enhanced tits atop her ultra-slim frame, sleeved-arm tattoos and mixed-ethnicity bloodline make her an absolutely unique and totally exotic star. If even 2% of women in the world looked as exquisite as she does I would have a hard time focusing on anything else around me!

She’s worked with a couple of studios but this scene in Curvy Girls from Elegant Angel has got to be one of her best performances. Over 22 minutes of edited fuck frenzy, as the minutes go by the sex gets harder and faster, the screaming intensifies and Adrennalynn’s oh face becomes all the more apparent!

Adrennalynn gets stripped and then quickly proceeds to blow some guy before going 69 with him, only wetting herself up for the mount:

Adrennalynn understands the art of when to dismount and titfuck! She makes sure there’s plenty of lube for the job!

She doesn’t mind a bit of mid-fuck head herself though.

She’s an eyes-closed kind of screamer.

Those nugget tits of hers are super-firm, and barely move even when taking a pounding from behind with gravity going against her. Nuggets they might be, even then she manages to nearly entirely wrap any cock with her 32Es, or let them be used as appendages to grab on to when the moment calls for it.

See for yourself! Video:

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Of course, what I really love about Adrennalynn’s presence in the adult world is the fact that when you break it down, she’s a genuine human being. On top of being an adult star, she’s also a practicing tattoo artist, a ballet dancer, and is really pushing her own image, maintaining her own blog and website!

It’s ladies like Adrennalynn that I’m personally really fond of. Ones that make that extra little effort to use technology, the net, and their own outgoing abilities and ambitions to reach out and make contact with as many people as possible in their time. And of course, to enjoy a pile of sex along the way!