TCH/TSN report on the actual biggest bust in Ukraine, awarded just this past week to a resident of Poltava named Anna, I think the last name is Rekalo. Anyhow her chest – “grud” – measures a whopping one-half inch larger than the 2015 award holder (pun intended) Nadia Shcherban. Unlike Nadia’s family though Anna claims that she’s the only one with an ample bosom, and that they just keep growing, and growing, and growing. It’s clear she keeps growing and growing too; she’s always been getting more busty, but she’s also put on some significant weight:


One can only wonder if she didn’t consume so many calories for snacks (see video) if she’d have Lucy Wilde proportions – one can dream! (That mole by the way sometimes completely disappears in the depth of her cleavage – wow!)


Left to right, here she is getting biGGer and biGGer over the years:





And here’s a multi-minute video of boob journalism on Anna’s chest – the pans the cameraman does to her chest stuffed in a heavy winter jacket are especially funny (what is the reporter saying at that moment?). Enjoy.