I like how XL Girls recently debuted Anorei Collins and they were all like ‘meet Anorei’ while the close-up shot zooms in on her extra-large monstrous other-worldly 38P natural bosom – yes, 38P! Her own words! Of course it helps when you’re only 5’6″ and 235 – I can imagine those numbers from experience yessssir! But it’s great to see Anorei catching some other more-mainstream wind, hopefully her own audience will increase – from my own run-ins with her I can truly say she’s one of the most-genuine and honest ladies around, and has been building her fan-base for years now so she deserves all the best. But oh yeah the video teaser gets real good when Anorei starts fondling her big whoppers and starts squirting milk out of her juggs! Wowee!