So I haven’t had sex in over a week because I’ve been too busy with work and helping friends with their extracurricular activities. It’s not like I’ve had no play though – I’ve made out with a couple girls and of course I get my grope on whenever possible, one girl I got to pop out one of her titties from her bra for a quick lick-n-suck session before, well let’s just say we were in a public facility. But the other girl who I didn’t get beyond sucking face with was telling me a story very similar to what it looks like this girl from GF Revenge is up to, maybe a little more particular to her own fetishisms, which is simply that when she takes road trips with her male friends, she likes to ride nude, and quite often she’ll even start masturbating to pass the miles and miles of road stretched before her. Occasionally it’ll mean a pull-over stop is needed, but for the most part she’s just an exhibitionist (and I’m hoping to see more of her next week):