malibu tits

Malibu has two great big... eyes, a naturally thick body, and huge big boobs!

Okay it’s been a few weeks since I’ve reported in – that’s pretty clear, judging by both the quantity and sheer size of the massive tits seen below. Is it just me or, no it’s definitely not just me – BOOBS are getting BIGGER! Across the board, state by state, in every country – I can see it, see THEM, when I walk around outside, when I go down the pub, at a concert. A “handful” is becoming standard – and I for one am not complaining! And somehow it’s retroactive too – even the MILFs I’m meeting are more stacked than ever before. And, more willing ;)

who? me? oh, my tits!

love watching her squeeze her honkers together

cutie with a cutie booty and cutie titties

I <3 RED! And big boobs too!

the cleavage that never stops giving

yes, more of that please!

big top busting by Wendy Fiore

April's handful heavy droopers

the heavy whoppers of Katie Kox

if she's moist, I don't care what face she has

Ines and her big wobblers return!

Danielle FTV as a dark-haired brunette - same big ol' titties

Kristal has that 'cum on me' look to her!

blonde marvel Brookie G

look out! she's hairy too!

extremely old-school Minka photos

big titty stretch-exercise

Julia's big Asian honkers!

mama mama mama mama mama fuckin mia!

I want some!

you MUST see these tits in action!

I can hear Devon's grunt, "Nnnggh"

totally homemade junker boober

loving Leanne's new big bopper website

Krystal Swift stars in 'Big and Real' because they are, and they are! Careful of your speakers, she's a real screamer, from the moment of insertion and beyond!