Still looking forward to what 2012 might have in stock for boob-lovers around the world, one nation in particular not known until recent memory to be producing such magnificent mammary delights is Japan. However as recent years have blown by, the boobs there are simply getting bigger and bigger. The phenomenon is spreading to China, Korea (Southern fare) and other Asian nations as well, begging the question, are Big Asian Boobs the Next Big Thing? By that I mean will we start to see niche fetish sites dedicated entirely to Oriental Honkers, or will Western audiences really tolerate that censored mosaic filter that Asian video editors have become so good at employing. I mean of course I like the tits first and foremost, but I also like to hear the ladies squeal, which requires toying with their other bits down below, something the Japanese (in particular) aren’t too fond at showing, and other Asian countries have yet to catch on to (from my viewing experiences). Alas, these boobs are real, and really droopy – the lady up above reminds me of my first Asian honey, a Korean-Japanese blended boober with a tight pussy that absolutely dripped at the thought of me inside her. My first squirter too! SO yeah, she had that going for her.

  • Snosno

    oh yeah

  • Buster

    any names or websites for us? as much as I love Hitomi Tanaka and Fuko Love and Hana Uehara, I am completely unfamliar with the women in this post and would love to find out!

  • Anonymous

    I guess one thing I didn’t elaborate on, is how there’s no go-to distributor or online realtor where you can go for these Asian Tits. That’s one thing I’m calling to arms, suggesting that if it is a thing, someone here should pick it up and market it, I’d definitely opt in! In the meantime, Big Tits Tokyo and Busty-Asians tend to have a lot of good stuff – more to come I hope!

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  • boobsman

    Raoki is one of my favourite japanese big boobs girl,..why ?
    Mainly,..her boobs,..enormous and fabulous,..her giant areolas are wonderful,..she has got a perfect body,..I like also Fuko,Hitomi,Hana Uehara,…and more,…I LOVE big boobs,all big boobs,…

  • sternhead

     >I like the tits first and foremost,

    So the dirty vicar does have a blog after all. And he makes the ladies squeal and spill their dddddteacups.