Well, WOW. 2011 is here! I don’t know about you but I had a fucking blast ringing in the new year! Got to see plenty of cleavage, lots of boobs, and flirted with multiple birds in a hot-tub-gone-wild scenario that got absolutely out of control! Elsewhere in the virtual titty arena, you can see below how much else there was to see this past week – amidst all the new years prep and party planning, the Internet knows no holidays! Boobs are always being updated and distributed! Scenes of note: Kelly Madison is definitely stepping up her game these days, and I feel like the best of her is still yet ahead; Rachel Aldana has definitely slimmed up, so it’ll be interesting to see how die-hard fans respond; and look forward to more of Dayna this week, and in the months ahead – her first full year in the biz will likely be a BIG one!

On a more sentimental note, I want to thank everyone who stops by this blog. Thank you, for reading. I know I’ve been on this same template now for two years, that my categories and tags are a little out of sync, so things are starting to look a little stale and dated. I’d like to expand the design and the content I host and serve – hopefully 2011 will provide with that time to reward you with some new ideas. If not, hopefully at least the BOOBS get BIGGER! Here’s to another year of Chasing the Big Ones:

with a name like TITTYPALOOZA, well, you'll just have to see for yourself!

girl next door Daisy reveals her DDs

curves of yore

Silvia gets interracial nasty!

Bianca's monstruous side-bosom is monstruous!

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Priya Rai as vamp - I WANT to get bitten!

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from a new movie aptly titled GAZONGAS! Is there any studio that Sienna West hasn't fucked for? And I think she likes seeing her tits played with almost as much as I do!

like daughter, like mother - these two related sluts orally tag-team this stud

Sexy Venera as a blonde - still BUSTY!

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Ariels bright white skin, flaming red hair and pussy

new model Betty shows her Double-Ds

taking me back! reminds me of so many big titty babes I knew at school.

moments before Kristys handjob!

is there a name for this boob-squeeze technique?

Dayna gets absolutely crammed with black cock

super naughty MacKenzie student boober!

proof of my claim that Rachel has recently thinned up a bit - regardless of her weight class, I'd love to suckle on her big bosom