Audrey Bitoni is one of those new breed of starlets who probably won’t last incredibly long in the industry but are enjoying their time performing for us nonetheless. Performing on screen for under two full years so far, she has already been nominated for the 2008 AVN Best New Starlett – a crown once worn by the undeniable Queen of Porn, Jenna Jameson.

Not quite the same high-caliber as Jenna, but incredibly seductive, while watching Need For Seed 2 which stars Audrey Bitoni, I noticed a pleasantly recurring theme to Audrey’s scene: she has something to grab onto!

More than simply a petite starlet with a wet pussy, Audrey’s 36Ds provide just the right amount of boob appendage to grab onto – sometimes it’s a simple hand passby, a faint squeeze to let the lady know you haven’t forgot about her breasts; other times it’s a full on tour-de-force-grab, a firm, committed reminder of who is in control; or there’s the latching grab, depending on the position and the off-center center of gravity, sometimes you need to grab onto something just to stay balanced!

Here’s our clip:

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