I definitely don’t keep up enough on my magazine and music video models. Usually because push come to shove I much prefer straight-up porn, rather than the glossy suggestion of a body I’ll never see more of than how it looks in a bikini. Of course every now and then there’s a model with a certain look that rewrites the rules. Meet Kimbella – again, a model who only goes by one name, that’s when you know they’re a serious player! I honestly still don’t know much about her, but I’m posting her here because, well, she’s the hotness! Apparently she’s the wifey of Santana in the video below, so good on him; and she’s also in this video by Pitbull which is just a reminder again why I’m not big on music video models typically, because usually the music sucks and I never hear or see it in the first place. Still, there are some hot women in that video. But I have my own pick of the litter so I’m not complaining, I just want more kittens to choose from!

Oh yeah she’s 34DD-26-41! Hotness!