The point of Boobs in Retrospect is not only for me to tell you about things you never knew about, but for me to admit to myself that things happened right in front of my face that even I didn’t know about! Girls of CS is a prime example of my naivete. Back in 2006 this site seemed to cause something of a stir among gamers, which like I say was right in front of my face because I’m pretty certain I played Counter-Strike (CS) a couple times in 2006 and should have been aware of nudie-news like this. Alas, it’s 2010 and I’m hearing about it for the first time! So they came, they went, I don’t know if they ever even officially launched. They haven’t logged into their MySpace since July 2007; and kotaku have an interview from April 2006 with the GoCS owner about his legal position on gamer nude pinups! For posterity, here’s a great pair of gamer tits: