In her day the newbienudes boober known as Velouria was a world-class stunner. It’s unclear if she was aware of her internet stardom or not, because her nick on that amateur site was “My Velouria”, implying that her boyfriend – whose cock you can see receiving a really remarkable blowjob below – was simply posting her images, like his own internet star (which, frankly, she was!). Even if she knew, the account is no longer active, now implying that she’s moved on and no longer wants images of her large and plush boobs (and succulent pussy I might add) being published on this wonderful Internets of mine:

  • oh!.. thanks for this.. I know what Im doing tonight ;)

    BOOB ON!

  • T Man

    Wow, she’s a stunner!

  • Right Hand Man

    YES! I absolutely loved this girl when she was on NN. Beat one off quite a few times over her (it helped that she really reminded me of a neighbour of mine). Was gutted when the account was closed and the pics disappeared forever (didn’t have the foresight to save them). She had a really beautiful pussy, too. Come back, Velouria!

  • Johnt

    where did she go? is there an archive?

  • Anonymous

    There’s no archive that I know of – I mean I have some photos but not much, and no one seems to have grabbed her content from NN before it all went offline.. *tear