Welcome to the 4th installment of Boobs in the News!


Giving new meaning to food on the go, Reuters reports on this chopstix-bra which is an attempt to use a B-cup model to bring attention to her cleavage the environmentally un-friendly nature of consumable culture, in particular the trend in Japanese kitchens to throw away used wooden chopsticks.


I wanted to post this the second it hit the airwaves but I had to save it for the News proper! Dolly Parton was interviewed at the National Press Club in DC last month and was asked a great question about her thoughts on Obama’s victory and explains – with commentary about her BOOBS – why she’s never ran for President herself!

original CNN video here


This has already made the splash it was supposed to in both mainstream and boob-blog media, but nonetheless for the records ex-porn actress Stormy Daniels (36-26-36! classic!) is considering a bid to represent Louisiana in the US Senate for 2010, aiming to up-end the incumbent David Vitter. See the video below and sign the petition at Draft Stormy if you want porn stars in your Senate!


A coffee shop in the town of Vassalboro, Maine (population 4,500) opened up shop last month and serves its patrons topless. It’s uncertain if the coffee shop – The Grand View Topless Coffee Shop – was named after the majestic views of the surrounding hills, lakes, ponds and tributaries or the pair of hopefully heavy hangers swaying in front of you as your waitress “tops up” your bottomless cup of Joe. What’s more in these economically trying times, nearly 150 hopeful waitresses submitted their resumes for a meager 10 positions – hey, at least they have options by their gender alone, that’s more work than I can find these days! Wait. Did anyone else notice those numbers? A town of 4,500 has 150 women willing to take their tops off for cash? That’s great ratio! I think I need to plan a holiday to the northeast! Sheesh!

(originally via the Boston Globe)


Like last time less news and more like product placement, this apparel over at Etsy is for a Star Trek inspired corset for your lusty lady nerd. The bust only measures up to 30 inches, so anything over a C-cup will likely cause spillage or worst-yet pain. Interested buyers should write the designer and ask them to make one to fill a 38G cup – tell them Christy Marks is your gf. (That’s two Star Trek-and-boobs references in a row also!)

Meanwhile, over in Los Angeles:

Porn Industry hyper-enthusiast James St. James and the massively stacked and seductively smart Lenora Claire were interviewing industry stars and “I just jerk off” audience members at the “25 Years of Vivid” show. If you don’t know the Daily Freak Show you need to get hip, and if you don’t know Lenora then you have a lot of homework to do youngin:

(the video embed code is tricky. Should it not embed in the RSS or fail on my blog, you can find the original video here)

Other headlines:

Dierks Bentley Pens ‘Boob Song’ For Evie (I admit I thankfully don’t even know who these people are! I guess the guy is famous or something?)